Love doesn't Demand, it Requests!

By cryptarter | Literatura | 24 Jun 2020

Loving is about giving. This might be a cliché you often hear. Though this is true, we can’t deny the fact that as humans, we, sometimes, want something from our partners. Some of us wait until our partners provide us that something, some requests for that something, some asks, some demands. This doesn’t apply only to material things. Sometimes we want a certain attitude of our loved one to be changed. Often times, things like this become source of misunderstanding.

Whenever we want something from our loved one, whatever it is, we must remember not to demand it, we must request for it. When a demand is made by someone it implicates authority over someone being demanded. Do we want our partners to feel that authority? It is like compelling them to do or to give something regardless of their will. It’s like leaving them without a choice but to give you what you want. So how can we refrain from demanding and start requesting? This one is not that hard to do. It is just about a change in pitch and change in lyrics.

Instead of saying give me that you can say please, or may you give me that? It’s just simple, right? If you think yes, it isn’t just about that. The way of asking or requesting something is to be considered also. You have to do that in the most romantic tone that you can. You don’t have to sound like begging but just enough to show that you are not demanding but requesting. Providing reasons why we want or need that something should follow. Your partner should understand why you are requesting it. If you will be able to explain the reason, then your partner might probably grant your request. I believe our partners would always love to provide us everything we want or need to be provided that it will not be harmful or inimical to us or our relationship with them. If you request something that your partner may not be able to give you like permission to attend a casino with friends for some bonding moment, make her understand your point. Never shout on her or carry any angry tone, (this is how we, guys, often react when our desire is not permitted) remember you are requesting. What if your partner can’t really be able to give what you ask? If for some valid reason this happens, do not frown in front of your partner. Tell yourself this one, “Everything happens for a reason.” Yes, everything occurs for a certain purpose. Who might know, your partner doesn’t permit to go with your friends to bound in a casino but she contacted your friends for you to have party at home or elsewhere? If your reason is the bonding time with your friends then that will be solved. If otherwise, then you should’ve told your partner your real motive.

Communication is definitely one of the keys to add or re-ignite the spark in a relationship. Good communication means a sound relationship. Everything in the context of a relationship needs to be communicated. It is not bad to request for something we want or need. You must remember that in a relationship you are two. You both have to complete each other by understanding and giving way to one another.

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