Kiss Me Before You Leave

By cryptarter | Literatura | 23 Jun 2020

Kissing is one of the sweetest moves for partners. The moment your lips touches hers million sensations are released and electrifies your whole body. Indeed this shouldn’t be missed by partners. Busy schedule on work or on any other things shouldn’t be a hamper for partners in spending a moment for a kiss.

Do you kiss your partner before you leave your house? If you do, then well for you; if you don’t, you must start doing it as a habit now. Do you know why? It is because it’s a big thing for your partner. A simple kiss can bear infinite meaning and feeling. This reminds her that wherever you will end up that long day, whatever you will do and whoever you will be with you will end up that day coming back to her. It’s like saying I will just go to work (if you’re going to work) and nothing else more. It is like assuring her by reminding her that you live your life for her.

A very simple kiss bears a very complex meaning. This one seems easy, right? You may think that you just have to kiss her whenever you’re going out and that’s it. If you think that way then you are wrong. The purpose of this article is to add or reignite the spark. You don’t do it as a requirement, do it as a habit. What is the difference? If you do it as a requirement and what you are thinking is you “have” to kiss your partner before you leave then your kiss will bear a voice that will whisper on her ears saying “He is just doing it because he “has” to. So do you think that would be fine with her? Of course not but if you’re doing it as a habit what your kiss will whisper to your partner is that “He’s kissing you because he ‘wants’ to”. Has and wants, little difference in spelling but definitely has big difference meaning. We will not talk about how you’ll do it because kissing is very simple but the feeling and intention it carries matter the most. Kissing before leaving will be better if you’ll add sugar-coated words with it like “I’ll be back early tonight for a dinner, I’d love to have your (a dish she cooks well)” and always wear a smile when leaving. You can look back to show her that you’re happy to have her as your partner. Leave her with an inspiration that she has to cook well for you. This will ease all the boredom that she would have on her long day without you. Your kiss is like saying I’ll be home for you soon. This will bring excitement on her part. Give her something to look forward to at the end of the day.

After long hours of being not together, it will be good if you’re going to give her another kiss when you come back. Make her feel that you missed her so badly like you didn’t meet for a long time. Lastly, before closing the day, a kiss on a bed will be perfect before you leave for dreamland.

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