Simple PoS Pool Review

Simple PoS Pool Review

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 22 Jun 2019

Simple PoS Pool Review

One of the projects ive been jumping lately are proof-of-stake based coins and also Crypto that are paying dividends, but today we are gonna focus on a service called Simple PoS Pool, which allows people to stake their coins into a big pool, which allows you to contribute your proof of stake coins into a big pool which enables faster staking and higher yield amount.

Coins that are currently supported 

  • Pivx
  • Stratis
  • Lindacoin
  • XPcoin
  • BITB
  • GPKR Coin
  • SINS Coin
  • Bitcoin Air
  • Worx
  • Varius
  • And many others….


  • FUNC
  • Becn
  • Bitg
  • Devcoin
  • Gin
  • Pivx
  • Altbet
  • Dash Green
  • Paccore
  • Stipend
  • and many others

What i like about the service is that not only its very easy to use (you basically just create wallet and send money to it) then you just let the process work itself and you get daily staking rewards with multiplied speed since they are in Simple PoS Pool service. They offer also Masternode services for those who are interested in them and they have very generous 4-Tiered affiliate program too!

There is a discord community server and also bounties available on the platform, it has operated for some time already, so its relatively legit thing, obviously you don’t hold the private keys or anything so it’s a wildcard in that sense, so i wouldn’t pool in millions – however its a good opportunity for many to speed up staking process.

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