Scavenger Bot - The Strongest BTC Trading Bot you should Try

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 20 Dec 2019

So today i’m going to be reviewing Scavenger BOT a Crypto exchange bot that currently operates in Bitmex and with trading pair of BTC & USD. Out of all Crypto exchange bots ive used this one is by far the easiest to operate and setup, no previous knowledge of coding, bots or scripts is required its incredibly simple.

I’ve used the BOT now for around Two weeks and each day been net positive i have yet to have any negative days. Depending on the amount you deposit there can be higher increase on daily basis how much you make. Pay in mind that this is still in Open-Beta as of writing this article and it doesn’t have all functions available as of yet, but they are constantly working on it.

Key Features

  • No monthly costs for operating the BOT, you only pay 15% of what the bot is earning for you. If you go negative you don’t have to pay anything, comes with 7 day free trial.
  • Safe system, you only provide API for the bot to trade, sell and buy it cannot withdraw money from your account
  • Easy to setup all you need is to set long/short direction and provide API from bitmex and bot will start running
  • Vacation mode included

The video above is slightly outdated and there has been lot of updates since it has been made. Such as inclusion in other exchanges and vast improvements to the code.

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  • Try Scavenger BOT Now for free

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