Meta Pool Dapp (Liquid Staking on NEAR)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 30 Mar 2022

Meta Pool Liquid Staking on NEAR

No lockup. If you stake with Meta Pool, you are able to avoid the unstaking period (52-65 hours) by leveraging stNEAR. So you are free to use your tokens anytime and anywhere. Meta Pool runs on Sputnik (NEAR native DAO platform). During the first weeks, stakers and liquidity providers will receive $META which is the governance token for the platform. Don't miss the big multipliers! Be part of Meta Pool!

Now in order to login into Meta Pool service, you are required to have NEAR wallet


Liquid staking is an alternative to traditional staking: it allows users to stake any amount of NEAR and to effectively unstake their NEAR without the requirement of waiting 52 to 65 hours before NEAR token holders get their compounded rewards.

This video was sponsored by NEAR which issued a grant and freedom to create videos revolving around the NEAR ecosystem (it is not a direct payment from Meta Pool). 

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