LitecoinCash Halving Is Less than Two Weeks Away

LitecoinCash Halving Is Less than Two Weeks Away

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 18 Jun 2019


LitecoinCash Halving is Near

LCC betterly known as LitecoinCash is going have its first halving process at block 1,680,00 which is predicted to happen at 28th Of June, which is less than 2 weeks away and its going to drop the block reward from 250 LCC to 125 LCC. When we look at historical evidence of halving in Litecoin or Bitcoin for example, it means that the price will go up, because it correlates with mining costs on some level obviously.

Also, The Hive Mining will be effected too since the cost per each bee will be cut in half. Currently at 0.1 LCC each, going down to 0.05 LCC per bee after the halving block. Currently it is not a good time to buy bees as their lifespan is not changing and if you purchase bees now your chance of making ROI is very limited. I will do separate article and video on my Altcoin Overview series to explain the Hive more in detail.

When we are looking at the overall Roadmap of LitecoinCash its been pretty productive in less than two years they managed to produce solid branding, The Hive, Hivepool, extra wallets and Atomic Swap is on the way as well.

Also they are working on a new application called Apiary which will provide ability to Hivemine via portable devices, which may lead into more mainstream adaption for the long run.

Currently the price is setting at comfortable 0.01$ cent range, which might double after the halving goes through. I mean there are other factors that play into all of this like use cases and exchange listings, right now you can buy LCC at places like MercatoxSTEX and Yobit (this one doesn't allow withdrawals atm for some reason, but you can trade)


LitecoinCash is definitely one of those Altcoins that hold potential especially due to the proprietary system called The Hive that allows regular people to participate on mining without having killer end PC’s or ASIC Machines. I’ve already own some LitecoinCash and been mining at zpool for some time now, there are multiple other mining pools for the project which prevents centralization of the project.


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