Etherhive Dapp Review - New Investing Game on Ethereum

Etherhive Dapp Review - New Investing Game on Ethereum

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 16 Nov 2019

Game mechanics


BeeHiveis a simulator of the economic model of a beehive, thanks to which you can multiply your ETH coins. You can try yourself as a beekeeper, developing your hive, acquiring different breeds of bees and conducting improvements in the production process, getting real profit for it.

game screen

There are two types of resources in the game:wax and honey. Wax can be bought or obtained from bees. It is used to buy bees, open a new frameworks and to develop the hive.

Honey is produced only by your bees, and it can also be obtained from other hives in your Bee-garden. Honey is very valuable, it can replace wax in case of its shortage, and is also used to improve production quality and is freely converted into ETH.

1 ETH = 250 000

250 000 = 1 ET

Earn more!

If you are a very friendly beekeeper and always look at the development of your Bee-garden, receive up to 10% bonus from wax purchases by beekeepers you have personally invited. The distribution is as follows: first tier - 5%, second tier - 3%, third tier - 2%. By the way, bonuses are given in pure honey.

butle honey




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