Crypto Dividends Report (October 2020)

Crypto Dividends Report (October 2020)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 17 Oct 2020

Crypto Dividends Report (October 2020)

This is my 2nd CryptoCurrency dividends report, I changed the pack a bit to show what I'm making from using many of these platforms at the moment. This is not financial advice but should give you an idea of the potential of investing. It's a mix of centralized finance and decentralized finance options through Tron, Ethereum, Waves, and other services that are providing interest for holdings.

Obviously do your own research there are always risks involved especially with smart contracts.

1) DSP -

2) Function Island -

3) SharkTron -

4) Tron Chain -

5) T2X -

6) Tron2get -

7) Nexo -

8) USDN & Waves -

9) Cilio Finance -

10) Origin Dollar -

11) mUSD & MTA -

Pay in mind that interacting with smart contracts always has a risk, especially ones that do not have existing audits. #DeFi #Ethereum #Tron

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