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Crypto Coins & Tokens With Passive Income and Dividends

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 21 Oct 2019


Crypto Coins & Tokens With Passive Income and Dividends

I originally released a list of bunch of different exchange and gambling site tokens and coins that are paying dividend for holding them. In this article i want to share my findings, some of the links maybe bit outdated but ill get to fixing them later.

KuCoin Shares

Let’s start this list with one of the more popular ones out there. KuCoin shares is a ERC20 token that is used by the KuCoin Exchange. How does this one work? Well long as you hold 6 KuCoin shares at the KuCoin Exchange you will be getting a dividend bonus, which consists of 50% transaction fees in the exchanges more shares you hold, more you get paid. Higher the userbase and traffic on the exchange more shares you will be receiving. Note – Holding KuCoin’s on anywhere else than on the exchange won’t get you dividends.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on amount of KuCoin Shares holded on the exchange, minimum is 6 Tokens to get the daily dividend
  • Payout Time: Every day
  • Purchase Availability: KuCoin Exchange
  • Supporting Wallets: Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Zelcore, Metamask, MyEtherWallet & Coinomi
  • HODL Platforms/Wallets: KuCoin Exchange

COSS token dividend

Next up we have a decentralized exchange known as, which is a growing platform. Instead of paying dividends in COSS Tokens it will give amount of the coins that are traded in the platform, you can move ERC20 tokens straight to COSS Exchange Wallet and Non-Ethereum coins will be converted into ETH if you so desire. There is also fiat dividends too.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on amount of COSS Tokens you hold
  • Payout Time: Every week (Monday)
  • Purchase Availability: COSS Exchange & HitBTC
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet & Coinomi
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: COSS Exchange & MyEtherWallet

Bibox Token Dividends

Our next Exchange based Dividend token comes from a Chinese Exchange known as Bibox. This one functions quite similarly to other exchange coins, except you have to trade at least once per week in order to get dividend bonus, which will be given out in a random coin or token based on exchange fees. The Bibox system has changed, if you lock BIX (minimum 500) you will get dividend on weekly basis. Note – BIX Tokens must be hold on the Bibox Exchange to get any dividend bonus

  • Dividend Amount: Based on amount of BIX Tokens you hold
  • Payout Time: Every week (Friday)
  • Purchase Availability: Bibox Exchange & Huobi Pro
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet & Coinomi
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Bibox Exchange

GIO Coin is operating under Graviex exchange, which is purchasable but also mineable (scrypt-coin) and the platform pays to people who hold the coin on the exchange, currently you sadly cannot mine straight to the exchange however.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on amount of GIO you hold
  • Payout Time: Daily
  • Purchase Availability: Graviex Exchange
  • Supporting Wallets: Gravio GUI Wallet
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Graviex Exchange is one of numerous Gambling platforms running on EOS, which are growing in popularity since many of them actually are running dividend models that are attracting many gamblers. Cool thing about these sites in general is that even if you lose all your coins, you still are likely to get good deal of dividend tokens. What i like about this one is that you get dividends in multiple EOS tokens include BetDice and EBitcoin. The platform is distributing 50% of winning to token holders every hour and there are different types of bonuses you can get by playing a lot within a hour.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on the amount of BetDice Tokens
  • Payout Time: Every hour
  • Purchase Availability: Big.One
  • Supporting Wallets: EOSWebWallet
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: BetDice.One


This one is bit harder to explain since it functions vastly different from other exchanges. The BigONE Token is generated through something known as “Trade-Mining” so when exchanges are done inside a certain trade pool an amount of One Tokens are generated. 100% of BigONE’s trading fee will be rebated to ONE holders (in the form of various tokens received everyday). Inviting friends to the platform will also gain you ONE tokens as well.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on the amount of One Tokens
  • Payout Time: Every day
  • Purchase Availability: BigOne
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet & Coinomi
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: BigOne

bridgecoin staking

Next up we have Bridgecoin (BCO) a ERC20 token based on Decentralized Exchange known as Crypto-Bridge. How this system works is that you purchase BCO and you stake it for a period of time, it will cost you currently 1.157836 BCO and reclaiming the BCO tokens will cost 2.315672 BCO. Once you stake the coins they will not be accessible and you can’t trade them, so there is a risk that the value of the coin can drop really low during the staking period.

  • Dividend Amount: 20% (Staking for 3 months), 50% (Staking for 6 months) and 100% (For Staking 12 months)
  • Payout Time: Based on staking time (3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months)
  • Purchase Availability: Crypto-Bridge
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Guarda Wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet & Coinomi
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Crypto-Bridge

Solaris (XLR) is a masternode coin that has their own exchange called Txbit that shares 50% of its NET revenue with masternode holders every month, currently they are transitioning to PoS model, where everyone can join the fun of earning dividends on the platform. As the exchange will grow more dividends it will accumulate, its pretty much a long term investment.  

  • Dividend Amount: Based on amount of XLR you hold (50% of NET income of exchange)
  • Payout Time: Monthly
  • Purchase Availability: Txbit
  • Supporting Wallets: Solaris GUI Wallet
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Txbit

coinex dividends

One of the more newer exchanges who has jumped into dividend game is Coinex. They offer bit higher % share of the trading fees giving 80% while most of others exchanges hover around 50% trading fee amount. What also increases the price is that they plan to buy back remaining tokens with that 20% and burn them, so the supply will get lower and hence will the value too. Similar to Big.One they have trade-mining system in place and for more specific info about it you can read here.

  • Dividend Amount: Based on the amount of CET
  • Payout Time: Those who do trade-mining will get dividends on a daily basis
  • Purchase Availability: Coinex
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Guarda Wallet & Coinomi
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Coinex

This time we have an ERC20 token called Pundi X (NXPS) a bit more interesting dividend token since it only will function until end of 2020 after that no more dividends will be paid. It’s one of the more promising projects out there and has high chance to break mainstream with their XPOS device. There is also a Pundi X Nem option, which also pays dividends.

  • Dividend/Staking Amount: 7.316% (2018), 2.116% (2019) and 0.881% (2020) based on amount of tokens on wallet
  • Payout Time: Monthly
  • Purchase Availability: Binance,LATOKENUpbitBittrex & ABCC
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, Coinomi, MyEtherWallet, Metamask & Guarda Wallet
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Atomic WalletBinance & XWallet

So Spectre.Ai is pretty interesting ERC20 token since its split into two different ones, the Dividend Token (SXDT) and Utillity Token (SXUT). It’s going to open its own exchange as well, which probably means that the value of the tokens are going to go up eventually. I Recommend reading up more on rewards system here to get better hang of how much dividends you get, unlike other dividend tokens the rewards will be paid in Ethereum (ETH). Note – In order to get rewards you have to register at their website and do KYC

The NEXO token paid out its first dividend of close to $1M on December 15 to NEXO token holders. This resulted in an annualized yied of 4.8%. NEXO is by far the largest security token by market cap right now. Nexo will continue paying out dividends on a quarterly basis.

  • Dividend/Staking Amount: 30% of the profits the Nexo Enterprise generates
  • Payout Time: Quarterly
  • Purchase Availability: Register and buy on or purchase them at the HotBit, Coinbit & Bancor exchanges
  • Supporting Wallets: Atomic Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Nano Ledger S
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Nexo – your tokens need to be on the Nexo platform for you to receive a dividend payout

Wink Token is operating under Tron Blockchain and its by far biggest crypto casino ever created and has also very high amount of transaction in scale of dapps in existence. You have to freeze tokens in the platform in order to get paid.

  • Dividend/Staking Amount: Based on Amount of WIN
  • Payout Time: Daily
  • Purchase Availability: Binance
  • Supporting Wallets:  Atomic Wallet, Tronlink Wallet
  • Dividend Platforms/Wallets: Freeze at the website.


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