Best Crypto Airdrops (June 2019)

Best Crypto Airdrops (June 2019)

By LiteLiger | LiteLiger Blog | 26 Jun 2019

Best Crypto Airdrops (June 2019)

New type of video series, which i may or may not continue depending whatever people want to see more of these, TL;DR we will look at multiple new Crypto Currency Airdrops that pay well and are easy to do.

#1 - Energi Airdrop up to 900$ in earnings (KYC needed) -

#2 - Ethplode (12$ + Refferals) No KYC -

#3 - Minedblock 20$, No KYC -

#4 - Coinbase Stellar up to 50$ (KYC Needed) -

#5 - Xeonbit Token (20 Tokens + Ref) No KYC -

#6 - EtherInc (Free 50 Coins + Refs) No KYC -

#7 - Fire Token (Free 270 Tokens for joining Discord) No KYC -

#8 - Bitfinex (Buy Leo, i recommend it) -

One thing i forgot to mention which was that ethplode is also deflating token so it has even higher extra value than i initially thought. I do want to say that 95% of IEO/ICO tokens lose value of their initial price, so its wise to usually get rid of them early on or sell at least half of the supply.

If you have questions regarding these easy airdrops please leave a comment down below. #Airdrops #Airdrop #Crypto

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