Is it worth the investment? In-depth analysis of the IEO Emanate (EMT) project for short and long term investments

Is it worth the investment? In-depth analysis of the IEO Emanate (EMT) project for short and long term investments

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 7 Jan 2020

Web TV is television content that is broadcast through websites, some web tv distributors are Youtube, Myspace, MyTVchain, and others. Web TV technology is always increasing every year, this is increasingly on the facilities and the more comfortable use.

This article will discuss the IEO MyTVchain project and try to see what potential they need in the future.

About MyTVchain
MyTVchain is a web TV platform that focuses on content by a blockchain-based body. MyTVchain allows sports clubs or athletes to create their web TV channels and enliven their fan community while making money from their broadcasts.
Users can buy TV services (dealing, exclusive videos, etc.), donate tokens to favorite clubs, give awards, and other activities. Also, users will get MyTV tokens from sharing their storage capacity and personal bandwidth and the videos they watch.

MyTVchain wants to be alive and video streaming platform on-demand via the Internet, and MyTVchain uses distributed hybrid technology based on CDN and P2P systems.

Business Model

1. Sales of premium services to content creators

  • MyTVprod and MyTVprod Pro: tools for live streaming
  • MyTVprivate: Private playlist
  • MyTVgeoblock: video geoblocking
  • MyTVads: house advertising agency for each WebTV
  • Live stream capture
  • Video content creation

2. VOD

  • VOD: broadcast paid video on demand
  • SVOD allows creators to create channels by subscribing
  • Donation: allows users to donate to creators.

3 Advertising
4 Market Place



MyTV is their original utility token and will be used as a monetary system in the MyTVchain ecosystem. This token is based on Ethereum ERC-20 technology.

  • Name: MyTV
  • Type: Utility
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 0.067 per unit
  • Besides MyTV, the MyTVchain ecosystem also uses the MyTV Fan Token.

MyTV Token: is a basic unit of the MyTVchain blockchain, and this token can be obtained from user activity on the platform and can be purchased on the cryptocurrency exchange.

MyTV Fan Token: an internal token that has a value of 1USD, this token can be used to buy various services and products on MyTVchain and make donations to favorite clubs or content creators.
MyTV Fan Token cannot be sent anywhere and will not be listed on the exchange, but users can exchange it (SWAP) to become MyTV Token. Also, this token can only be purchased with the fiat currency "EURO or Dollar" and MyTV

MyTV Token Holder benefits from the master node and staking services

Master Nodes are used to operate mytv token portfolios and to store videos, process transactions, and share bandwidth
Four master node levers can be followed by users, namely: Silver, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Image Level master node


Image reward master node based on level


Staking Reward Sistem



Social Media Accessibility


Source: ICOHolder

MyTVchain is very active in social media, this is evidenced by a large number of posts they post and the partitioning fans are also quite anti-human (high), but the fan interaction activities are quite small. This is quite understandable because some followers on popular social media generally only monitor bounties or airdrops.

Reviewer comments
Some reviewers on several ICO&IEO analyst sites have argued that this project has good ideas & concepts, an experienced team and makes a difference from other ICO projects, promising tokens, and a clear roadman and whitepaper.
However, some assess this project could not be developed on the Ethereum blockchain, and there were some technical errors. It is interesting to follow whether they will move to another blockchain, or create a new blockchain.

This project is very promising in terms of ideas and business. Web tv and streaming services are not new to the IEO project, but because they are targeting the sports business and I think this is the main attraction of this project. It is not impossible if the biggest sports clubs like European soccer clubs keep their TV services on the side, and that will certainly make their token prices also go up rapidly.

Currently, they are negotiating for partnerships with various sports clubs in France. with its various potentials, the project is worth it for investment


MPV Prototype:

IEO Website:

Squidy analysis
Squidy analysis

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