Is it worth investing? In-depth analysis of investments in Bethereum (BETHER) ICO

Is it worth investing? In-depth analysis of investments in Bethereum (BETHER) ICO

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 26 Dec 2019

Placing bets on sports like football is a common thing to do for some people in the world. Generally, they make bets from person to person or through gambling sites, generally gambling sites offer great prizes as well as attractive features and promos.

For me making a bet with a friend or small community is very fun and even though the prize is small. However, if you want a big prize, of course, you will go to a gambling site, yes gambling sites offer prizes up to millions of dollars at a time.

Even though the prize from a gambling site can be very large, the bookies also don't want to lose and they will do a variety of ways so that you lose the bet. Now, so that you are not cheated, as well as you look for gambling sites that have good transparency, credibility, and justice. Many gambling sites that prioritize credibility as a brand advantage, one of which is Bethereum.


What is Bethereum
Bethereum is a gambling & casino platform. This platform carries the concept of Gamification, namely UI elements that are easy to understand, simplicity in account creation and management.
Besides gambling & casino, this platform also serves Esport betting and fantasy sports. Also, this platform uses the Ethereum Blockchain to ensure transparency and fair betting methods.

Bethereum brings the simple business model to the global level, and besides this Bethereum is also not just a gambling & casino platform. There are currently 15,000 sports bets available on their platforms.

Coin Utility
Bethereum's original utility coin is an Ethereum ERC-223 token under the name BETHER. This token will later be used as a betting tool and as a payment system throughout the Bethereum ecosystem.

At present, this BETHER Token is available / can be purchased on the Coinbene, cointiger, IDEX, and Etherbase exchange exchanges. Also, their coins are compatible with Ethereum storage such as MEW.

Advantages of Bethereum

  • Transparency
    At Bethereum, players can set their odds and all payment transactions and bets can be seen on the blockchain.
  • Limitation
    Bethereum does not limit opportunities and taking the user's Hight Roller plan and delivery of betting prizes will be sent quickly and instantly.
  • Justice
    Often a conventional shoal site takes a commission from the winning prize bet. But at Bethereum, all bets belong to the user and without deduction and apart from that.
  • Convenience
    Bethereum is designed to be easy to use for all users, low cost, and has a strong social commitment and strong system security.


Critic Reviews
Some critics like this project because it has a good and experienced team, good vision, a good betting concept, and great API capabilities.

However, some critics also highlighted, teams that were seen as having no ICO experience, less convincing Advisor performance, and monotonous business.


Lots of Crypto Shelf projects are worked on, both those that are still under development or are already fully operational. However, most of them have a poorly understood UI and a monotonous game.

It is important to know that ICO Betting is quite risky. However, because Bethereum offers a good Gamification concept, I think investing in BETHER is a good step.

Squidy analysis
Squidy analysis

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