Is ICO TecraCoin (TCR) good for investment? In-depth analysis of short and long-term investments and exploring potential in the future

Is ICO TecraCoin (TCR) good for investment? In-depth analysis of short and long-term investments and exploring potential in the future

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 11 Jan 2020

The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow with more and more crypto startups appearing, these startups provide solutions to the problems that exist in the community with the help of a blockchain that is adapted to environmental conditions.

Crypto Startups generally seek funding through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) system, what we need to do is support them by buying their tokens. However, that does not mean you can buy ICO coins carelessly, before buying you have to do in-depth research before spending your money. This is done to minimize losses and anticipate the possibilities that might occur

2020 could be a good year for the crypto startup industry because ICO projects focus more on products that are more easily accessible to many people than just making coin utilities with less than optimal ecosystems.

Sometimes they provide existing and modified products to make it more efficient and profitable. However, they report that sometimes the innovation is Out of the Box and has a significant positive impact.

One example of an ICO project like this is TecraCoin (TCR) - an intellectual property investment platform.


TecraCoin is an investment platform that focuses on intellectual property investment, and TecraCoin is the first crypto project to support patented high technology financing. This platform allows anyone to participate in funding a variety of research to be patented.

This article will analyze the TecraCoin ICO project from various aspects and explore the potential of the future.

After reading this article, readers are expected to have an understanding and picture and have a decision base to invest in TecraCoin.

About TecraCoin (TCR)

TecraCoin is part of the company Tecra Ltd. registered in Poland Gorzów Wielkopolski, ul. Walczak 112, NIP (tax identification number) - 599 323 5626 KRS (company registration number) - 0000752946.

The Tecra Group is currently collaborating with the Polish government, several research institutes, and law firm agreements, the project also presented at events in Saudi Arabia and China (GraphChina). Also, this project is also supported by Prof. Krzysztof Piech, Marcelina Szwed-Ziemichód, Filip Pawczyński, and other famous figures in the crypto world.

Funds from ICO sales will be used to fund Graphene's research, as well as funded and patented research will go into the portfolio.

Solutions provided by TecraCoin include:

  • Solutions for Science: With blockchain Tecra and TecraCoin, Tecra provides investors the most promising projects and offers solutions such as access to lawyers and specialists such as the Kostrzyn Slubice Special Economic Zone
    Meanwhile, Sirus website where scientists send their ideas and then verified by the scientific team. After being verified it will be considered for voting with the community, after that the project will be given to the commercialization section.
  • Solutions for Investors: Tecra has an experienced team in Business and Investment. In addition, TecraCoin will build a blockchain-based platform that is friendly for investors without the need for legal consultation.
    Tecra Also ensures that every investment capital and implementation process will be verified at every stage.
  • Solutions for the Community: The biggest advantage of TecraCoin is supporting companies to produce products from the Tecra portfolio.
    Because TecraCoin uses the Prof of Work (PoW) algorithm, the community can also get mining coins and protect the Tecra blockchain ecosystem.

How the TecraCoin Investment Fund Works

  • Each TecraCoin sold will be invested in a technology project prepared for commercialization. After that, business experts and scientists will choose the most promising project and submit it to the community for voting.
  • Tecra Ltd. will establish a special platform with projects that have been chosen to be commercialized
  • After the investment funds are disbursed, Tecra will benefit from the project for life
  • Tecracoins Investors can sell their coins on the stock exchange or lock them in the competition for a certain period to get crypto-related or can be used to buy technology products.

Graphene Market Analysis

According to Technavio analytic agency, the graphene market value will reach 50.41 million dollars by the end of 2017 and is expected to increase by a CAGR of 39.22% in the following years until 20201

Graphene demand in the global market is expected to experience significant growth, along with the increasingly widespread use and according to, the graphene market will reach $ 2.1 billion in 2025.

Graphene Price: Currently sold for between $ 263 to $ 819, depending on dimensions provided.


The electronic and optoelectronic sector will be the main direction of the development of graphene applications. Then followed by the energy, aerospace & aerospace industry sector and others.
Also, this technology has also begun to be applied to building equipment such as paint, ink, and other building materials. At present, several universities and other independent research institutions are also studying graphene for application in other fields.

List of patents of Tecra Ltd.


Besides Graphene, Tecracoin also has other patents registered in its portfolio. Also, they also plan to add to their patents and fund some research.

Finance and Crypto Distribution

Understanding the financial distribution and project ecosystem is one of the factors that must be known, this is intended to determine the fair supply of distributed coin supply.
By recognizing the founding of the financial business, we can see whether the project has sound financial management or not. Of course, this will also provide an overview of project design in the future


Image:cryptocurrency location distribution



Image: budget allocation

TecraCoin (TCR)
TCR is the main cryptocurrency in the TecraCoin ecosystem, coins can be used by investors to fund projects that are recommended by a team of experts from TecraCoin, buy products "like graphene", or sell projects that have been invested.


Risk & Safety
To protect investors and network users, Tecra founded Tecra Sp.z.0.o Ltd. they have also collaborated with the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Low Temperature and Structure Research in Wroclaw, Poland.

Security Technology
TecraCoin is built on the ZCoin Blockchain technology and uses the Prof of Work (PoW) algorithm which is resistant to 51% attack attacks, this technology also ensures that each transaction will run very quickly and cheaply.
Like other decentralized cryptos, TecraCoin is also vulnerable to mining attacks such as "double-spend", "mining power", "selfish mining" and "race" attacks.

Legality Risk
In some areas, TecraCoin may be considered as securities, they do not guarantee that TCR coins are not securities in all regional institutions. If certain regions do not allow TCR coins to operate, the TCR will cease operations or adjust to the laws of the region concerned.

The above thing is very natural to happen, some crypto countries are classified with certain objects, or severely limit the use of cryptocurrency or prohibit it altogether.

Development Team
The development team of a project should ideally consist of a technical and non-technical team and an advisory team, in addition to that they must have experienced by the position they hold.




TecraCoin has a unique business model, where they make patents as the contents of their portfolio, besides the use of TecraCoin (TCR) as a system to fund projects are expected to add TCR value to the market. The use of masternode can make this coin ecosystem more and more used by more and more and the high interest of the crypto community and lovers.

In terms of the business model and the use of Coin CTR, in my opinion, this project is feasible for investment. But I also feel that to get maximum or fast results, minimum investment capital of 2000 USD is needed.

What do you think about this project and what is my opinion and whether this project is feasible for investment, please share your opinion in the comments column!.






Squidy analysis
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