How to earn cryptocurrency in 2020

How to earn cryptocurrency in 2020

By Squidy analysis | Lisra_99 | 9 Jan 2020

Sentences Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency may have become common keywords that are searched by some people on the internet, be it news search, law, history, to how to get it. There are many ways to get cryptocurrency, from those that require capital to free, here is how to get cryptocurrency easily and for free.

the first is Reading articles, one of the fun ways to gain knowledge, in Publixh0X you can read articles while getting rewards in the form of BAT tokens and you can also give tips "BAT tokens" to article authors.

The second is by buying, even though it takes capital but this is one of the most instant ways to get cryptocurrency. Crypto can be purchased on the crypto exchange, P2P exchange and can also be purchased through the crypto ATM.

The third is by mining crypto, you can buy crypto-mining tools in an online shop or with your computer, or you can use cloud mining services (third parties). You only need to deposit with a certain currency.

many crypto mining companies that offer attractive mining packages, but you also have to be careful because many cloud mining is a scam (fraud), but there are also cloud mining that provides free packages with a certain duration.

The fourth to follow the AirDrop program, Airdrop is one of the marketing methods used by StarUp crypto to get fans and expand their crypto adoption. You can participate in this program to get crypto for free by completing simple tasks such as following their social media and registering on their site.

The fifth is Faucet, which is one method to get crypto for free, but this method is considered very frustrating and tiring. to get crypto from the faucet you have to follow the tasks given, such as visiting the site, playing games, clicking on captcha, taking surveys and others.

The sixth is the BountyHunter Program, a way to get large amounts of crypto. You only need to test the system of the company that opened the program, if you have an error, just report to them and they will pay you. Generally, they will pay with fiat or bitcoin currency, but some pay with the coins they make.

The eighth Freelancer Program: the same as other freelancer sites, but you will be paid with crypto money. You can join the Elance and Etherlance sites to get freelance work. although other sites also provide them, they are more focused.

The ninth Aibitrase technique is a technique to benefit from crypto price margins from various exchanges. You can use the arbitration application to monitor the movements of coin prices on certain crypto exchanges, but there are also crypto exchanges now that provide arbitrage tools.

Tenth Writing, you can write articles on your blog or write on microblogging sites like publish0X. If on your blog you only need to advertise from advertisers who pay with bitcoin such as coinZilla and coins, or if on publih0x you will be paid by your readers who give tips.

Finally, the Affiliate Program has many exchangers, cloud mining and advertiser networks opening affiliate programs. You only need to spread your affiliate link and you get paid if they make a deposit or buy and sell through your link.

Those are some ways to get cryptocurrency for free, although it's not free, the methods above are worth trying to fill in your time or increase tone revenue.

Squidy analysis
Squidy analysis

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