How to participate in IDO on Liquidifty: Ultimate Guide

By | Liquidifty Blog | 19 May 2022

If you are here, you might be a budding investor who is about to make his millions! IDO is one of the tools that can help you with this.

To put it simple, IDO is something very similar to an IPO when a company distributes its shares to the public. But IDO – the Initial Dex Offering – is the process of initial public offering of tokens of new crypto-projects and the launch of token trading on dex exchanges.

IDOs are usually held on the Launchpads, such as Liquidifty Launchpad.

How to participate in IDO on Liquidifty?

Buy pass

Liquidifty has a unique Launchpad Pass system, which provides benefits to those who join earlier – rather than to those who stake a lot. 

There are 3 tiers of passes: Gas, Liquid, and Solid. Liquid and Solid passes ensure allocations for every IDO – but how many tokens you’ll receive will depend on the total amount allocated by the project to the Liquidifty, as well as the current number of pass holders.

The higher the pass level, the faster you get access to ido and can get bigger allocation.


Apart from obvious advantages during the IDOs, pass holders can participate in airdrops, cash and gifts raffles from gaming project partners and Liquidifty.

To buy a pass visit the Launchpad page , connect your crypto wallet and buy a pass you want with $LQT. The detailed instructions on: how to create MetaMask wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain and how to deal with PancakeSwap to buy $LQT

You can buy several passes but for each you will need a separate wallet. After purchasing you will see your Launchpad status on the same page or you can find the pass in your account in the section "My NFT".

Every Liquidifty pass is an NFT issued on the NFT blockchain. This means that it is an investment tool itself: users can re-sell their passes in the secondary market, including Liquidifty’s marketplace. The more passes are bought the more they cost!

Choose the IDO and join the waves

The easiest way to find out about upcoming IDOs is to visit Launchpad page with announcements. Just keep an eye on the Launchpad Events section, where the dates and statuses are updated. 

Another good way to find out about upcoming IDOs on Liquidifty is through our social media. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram and visit our Medium blog regularly for detailed information about the project: offerings, team, roadmap, business model, and much more.

All IDOs at Liquidifty will be held in 3 waves:

  • 1st wave will be taking place for the first 30 – 60 min of the sale and only for the Solid LQT Launchpad members;
  • 2nd wave will be taking place for the next 30 – 60 min of the sale only for the Liquid LQT Launchpad members;
  • 3rd wave will be taking place until the end of the sales and Gas LQT Launchpad members will be able to participate in this wave on an FCFS basis. Sometimes Gas LQT pass holders have a guaranteed allocation too.

Buy tokens

The allocation of tokens will be announced before the IDO. To get it, you will not need to participate in lotteries or send requests to the whitelists – pass holders will receive a guaranteed allocation. So if you own the pass you would get advantages of a VIP Launchpad regardless of your budget.

The allocations on Liquidifty are usually bigger than on the other platforms while the initial investment is smaller. More and more anticipated projects in Web 3.0 are joining the platform, so the users are getting more chances to invest in tokens that will bring good income.

Token Distribution

Your tokens will be distributed automatically and dropped into your wallet as per contract policy and vending schedule. On top of that, you can find the detailed information in the “My allocation” tab of your account. This tab contains the table of distribution schedules that is available right after the IDO. Moreover, you can follow our social media account to know more about the IDOs announcements and conditions, also information is published in the project owner’s social media. 

Now you are ready to participate in IDO on Liquidifty platform, the next one will be from the Chain of Legends project on June 01, 12:00 UTC. It is a p2e game with strong Tokenomics that ensures users and investors earn reasonable profit while they have fun playing. 

So save this instruction and join the upcoming IDO to become a big investor, we believe in you!

Stay tuned for the updates and more events by the Liquidifty team:



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Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

Liquidifty Blog
Liquidifty Blog

Liquidifty — NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain with Initial NFT Offering platform and Launchpad for gaming projects.

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