Trebit Network (TRB) A Decentralized Derivatives Token

By liorezal | Liorezal | 10 Feb 2021


The growth of fundraising through ICOs has become very impressive. In 2017, the total amount of funds raised was estimated at $5 billion, and has reached $14 billion since the beginning. However, in the absence of a legal and administrative framework, ICOs present many risks for individual users, who often lack the technical skills necessary to assess a project's potential. They fall into the trap of making investments that never succeed. In 2017. 84% of projects funded through ICOs, were in the idea stage, 11% were in the prototype stage, and only 5% were for established companies.

ICOs can be realized through direct sales. This process is largely based on participants' trust in the company that runs the project. The tokens purchased are usually not in any blockchain - they are simply in the database of the ICO launch program. This approach is used less and less often, thanks to the emergence of smart contracts. Obviously, once launched, a project is not immune to loss of credibility because of futility or more significant competition. An unplanned stoppage can also occur for various reasons, such as internal conflict or mismanagement, or even an unexpected political decision.

Trebit is the world's first fully decentralized derivatives exchange token with trustless interconnect trading in cooperation with a cryptocurrency trading consortium. It is initially based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike existing ICO platforms, TRB offers a complete and unique technical and legal solution to all the problems and risks associated with fundraising campaigns.

Trebit Network (TRB)

The principal goal of the Trebit Network Token is to develop the position of cryptocurrency and create a charitable foundation.

The Trebit Network Token Charitable Foundation will provide many opportunities such as education, help people, community building, poverty alleviation and other services for the underprivileged. 25% of the project’s success will go to the Trebit Network Token Charitable Foundation.

TRB is a revolutionary platform that keeps ICOs running smoothly through innovative incremental contracts and under the control of participants. TRB allows both community and centralized approaches, while extracting maximum benefit. It is a cryptocurrency based on a publicly available, open-source blockchain code, managed by a company that acts as a legal representative.

This formula allows users to:

- Finally solve the ICO security problem known as DAICO.

- Add controls and access restrictions to the blockchain

- Require standards in the startup process and contract code

- Streamline the startup process by defining steps and setting rules

- Establish a fair governance model incomparable to the famous DAO.

- Ensure optimal performance through a dedicated ICO network

- Prepare for official ICO adoption by countries.


TRB differs from other tokens and cryptocurrencies on the market in a number of ways:


TRB is an open-source public blockchain focused on widespread

distribution in the community. The underlying token can be mined. A minimum

value proportional to the energy expended.

Value Store.

Unlike "service tokens" whose issuance is controlled by a single line of code, TRB

is a true store of digital media values, like gold or bitcoin.

Limited supply

The number of TRB tokens is set in advance. No changes are allowed. No

hidden inflation is created. A shortage of tokens in the medium to long term

guarantees a guaranteed return on investment.


As with bitcoin, TRB issuance decreases with increasing complexity,

which adapts to the overall hash rate.

Without additional pre-mining.

Pre-mining has been used in several currencies. This practice is associated with fraudulent

reserving and abuse of unsold tokens, which are often stored after the ICO. TRB

is an exception, mining only the number of tokens sold during the ICO.


Unlike many well-known cryptocurrencies, whose share of mining

reserved by the founder is sometimes as high as 20%, such as Zcash, the entire

compensation from TRB mining is available exclusively to the miner.

Allocation of tokens

The total number of tokens sold is 9,900.

Tokens sold during the ICO will automatically be included in the final blockchain. Since the final currency is not an ERC20 token. All ERC-20 tokens will be burned as soon as the balance is reported in the main blockchain.

The information provided regarding token creation, processing and distribution is the current plan. This plan will likely be modified or optimized prior to the sale and will be the subject of an announcement.

Total number of ICOs: 9,900

Technology: ERC-20, then TRB Blockchain

Available for purchase: 9900

Accepted currency: FIAT / ETH during private sale, ETH in public sale

 SoftCap / HardCap: $0.95M / $12M Initial bid: 1 TRB = $250.00)

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