Overview "Yoda X" - cryptocurrency with a strong referral system.

By liorezal | Liorezal | 6 May 2020

This article will talk about the Yoda X project, which is a collective mining on the "Proof-of-stake" algorithm.

The "Yoda X" cryptographic currency has a token with the symbol YOD. The developers plan to use the coin not only as a means of payment, but also to transfer one currency to another with a minimum commission. They plan to create a trading platform where you can sell and buy goods for YOD tokens.

In the first stage, 20 million coins will be issued. They will be used to develop the project, launch the system and sell it to investors for the first time. The total issue will amount to 20 billion YOD. The "Proof-of-stake" algorithm allows you to produce coins and create blocks by storing the initial amount of 100 YOD on your wallet. At the time of writing (May 2020) 1 YOD is sold for $0.65.

 The system will consist of two levels: the first level is for ordinary users; the second level is for nodes themselves - technically complex devices for mining. The scheme resembles the famous Prizm currency, which was developed in Russia. But in the case of "Yoda X" is not profitable to keep a large number of coins on your wallet, as yield over time is falling. This distribution makes the system more independent and protected - hacking into other people's accounts and accumulation of tokens in one hand will not cost the effort. 

After the end of the pre-sale will run a bot in the telegram. Also start a partnership program, which will create a structure up to twenty levels. At the same time, the invited people themselves do not give contributions, they only increase the resulting income of the wallet.

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