Quick Little Advice about where to get help with Linux

Linux has so many choices. Which operating system (OS) to install? Which program is the best at "blank"? Fill in "blank" with what ever you're interested in. Which OS supports "blank"? Where can I find the answer I need?

Well, there are as many places to ask questions as there are OSes AND Programs. The trick is to narrow it down to your OS and version and/or the program and its version.

An example google search is:
"Zorin OS 12 Libre Office error (Specify the error)"
Specify the error exactly as seen (copy and paste if you can)
"Blank" Forum (Fill in "blank" with what ever you need)

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Linux for Newbies AKA Windows Users
Linux for Newbies AKA Windows Users

For some people, change is real hard, but I'm here to make it as easy as possible. I can guide you to choose the best Linux flavor for yourself.

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