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Youtube Reinstates "Altcoin Daily' Channel After Banning Them For Two Days!

By LinkStar | LinkStar | 3 Aug 2020

Completely inaccessible to subscribers after having being banned for more than two days  Altcoin Daily, a Youtube channel run by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold is finally reinstated as per reports.

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On 31st July’2020 their channel Altcoin Daily with 214,000 subscribers was banned by YouTube "for encouraging illegal activities."

The brothers urged their Twitter followers to contact Youtube reinstating their channel using hashtags like #FreeAltcoinDaily.

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Youtube has been targeting cryptocurrency related channels for some time now like the official channel account for 'basically no reason' as CEO Roger Ver said then. Crypto Beadles, Chris Dunn are some among the other Youtube channels to be targeted in the past.

Such arbitrary decisions on the part of Youtube had prompted CEO Roger Ver to support alternative platforms:-

“This is an ongoing headache to deal with, and makes us even more eager to support censorship resistant platforms like, and”


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(Image Source:- Youtube - Gerd Altmann - Pixabay)

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