Ethereum Now Included As Tipping Coin In Publish0x!
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Ethereum Now Included As Tipping Coin In Publish0x!

By LinkStar | LinkStar | 7 Aug 2020

As the headline suggests, I consider this as one of the best moves by the Publish0x Team to add Ethereum as the Tipping Coin together with BAT & LRC.

Yesterday in one of the post replies to a certain Publish0x platform writer, Mr.Igor Tomic, Publish0x COO hinted of ‘Good news today' which made me think that it could certainly be the integration of Ethereum as a tipping coin here as there were reports about it previously.

Also the increase in minimum withdrawal limits to $1 USD for all tokens is understandable due to the exorbitant transaction fees of Ethereum Network.

The decision to increase tipping amount to an extra 30% more would make the withdrawal threshold easier to reach especially for the readers!

I think that all the Publish0x community readers and writers alike are happy with these positive developments.

I would like to congratulate Mr.Dan Bainbridge, Founder, Publish0x, Mr.Igor Tomic, COO, Publish0x and Team Publish0x for the wonderful opportunity they have provided for the crypto enthusiasts worldwide to showcase their writing talents.

Just hoping that Team Publish0X will be able to integrate some more deserving coins in the near future.


Happy Reading!


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