Why Odysee?

By lingy | Lingy | 4 Jan 2022

After the success of YouTube, Blogger and other systems of the so-called "big techs", because of political hegemony and certain actions aimed at censoring anyone who broke such hegemony or minimally complained about certain entities or companies that generated income for these big techs, the need arose to create a decentralized and unobjectionable network to do so. Of course, this is not to say that these systems would simply overthrow the big tech systems, but they serve as competition and break the complete hegemony of these systems.

Of course, there were alternatives before, like Rumble, but all these sites had a serious problem: centralization. And that's exactly the kind of problem that Odysee solves.


Odysee runs on top of the LBRY protocol, which mixes the Torrent protocol with the Bitcoin transaction system. This brings certain advantages, such as file storage distribution, where, even if you haven't finished downloading the file, you are already distributing it among other users, and, added to the Bitcoin node system, it makes anyone with a fullnode will be able to know the exact torrent address of that particular file. Below is a schematic of how the torrent protocol works:

Torrent protocol working

One of the numerous advantages of this system is, by analyzing a full node, to ensure that no data from the file's URL has been tampered with


As LBRY's system was strongly inspired by Bitcoin, it's only fair to talk about its cryptocurrency system. The LBRY protocol has its own cryptocurrency that serves, among other things, to post your media on the platform: the LBC. Your Odysee account works like a cryptocurrency wallet, where you can put and withdraw your LBC, as well as US dollars, which can be used to send and receive donations (and even advertisements in the future).

Wallet data preview screen

Among other things, you can quickly and accurately see where your LBC left and went to records, and even export this data for viewing in other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Libreoffice Calc.

Freedom of expression

The foundations of the LBRY protocol are based on values ​​of freedom of expression. This means that there is no big tech behind it saying what should and what should not be shown to the user. Neither Odysee nor LBRY will simply cut your reach let alone put a stamp with "partially fake news" below your posts, videos, music or files.


You don't need to have a big tech email account or hand over all your preference data and other personal stuff to a central entity just so you can watch your videos whenever and wherever you want. Odysee and LBRY themselves are much less intrusive on the privacy issue than YouTube and its alternatives.

Of course, you'll end up giving in certain data, including to activate the advertising system, but that doesn't mean that you'll have to show an unknown corporatist everything you have and do.


Odysee provides compensation regardless of the amount of monthly views, unlike YouTube. This means that you can monetize your blog or channel even if you only have 2 or 3 people who regularly watch your posts. If you have questions about monetization, you can read more about it here.


Odysee is known, among other things, for having a much smoother communication with fans than other platforms, and has channels in many different media, such as DiscordTwitter and others. Feel free to interact, chat and ask questions.

So, did you already know all this? Do you disagree with something? Do you have any additional information? Leave your opinion there in the comments.

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