Zebedee, play and earn

By Perolapr | Lightning Network | 2 Jan 2023

  • Zebedee is a custodial bitcoin wallet that allows you to transact over the Lightning Network, but more than that, it's ideal for gaming and streaming.
  • Zebedee allows users to integrate their accounts with Bitcoin-based games such as CS:GO. It is still possible to create static QR codes, send messages and gifs using Lightning Payments in Zebedee.
  • You can spend some time playing the various games the wallet has that pay satoshis. After piling up some satoshis you can withdraw to your Lightning address through a tag (as if it were your email in your wallet).
  • Remembering that transacting through the Lightning Network the fees are much lower than through the normal bitcoin network. If you have some time and like games, you can try this link:

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Lightning Network
Lightning Network

A form of bitcoin transfer. Much faster and cheaper through the lightning network. We can use several wallets to receive, pay and hold bitcoin: Muun Wallet Blue Wallet Zebedee Wallet Satoshi. We have several platforms and apps to stack satoshis for free, such as games and APPs to read news from the world of cryptos. Bitcoin Magazine news among others. Here are some examples: The Lightning Network comes from

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