THETA inking a partnership with Verizon?

By LifestyleGuerilla | Guerilla Minded | 14 Apr 2021

As THETA consolidates and seems to have found a new price range, progress is being made behind the scenes. In their latest press release regarding their "Methods and systems for peer discovery in decentralized data streaming and delivery network" patent that has been granted. They mention mobile streaming, then mention Verizon by name. This isn't necessary as mobile streaming or some other descriptive could be used. But they mention Verizon.

Does this mean a deal has been inked? Verizon would be the first mobile carrier to take advantage of the THETA ecosystem and also place Verizon ahead of the curve in the crypto space. Verizon may also integrate THETA with their FIOS high speed internet service in some way. Either way, it's a massive bullish signal for THETA and TFUEL. 

They may be withholding the announcement or details until a later date, but I highly doubt the conspicuous name drop was just for no reason.


Load up the bags ...


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