Could Coindesk be tipping us off to the CBDC/Fedcoin?

Coindesk, the largest cryptocurrency newsmedia site, has a very telling ticker at the top ...




In my previous post I showed the link between Stellar and the Economist cover from 1988 (Rothchild Magazine) foreshadowing that Stellar may possibly be the Federal Reserve's blockchain of choice and that the decision as already been made.

Coindesk has XRP and Stellar in the ticker. Now why would that be when XRP and Stellar are not leading in market cap after BTC and ETH?

Dive a little bit further to see Coindesk's goal and motives. 

Coindesk is the propaganda platform for the Digital Currency Group. Coindesk and Grayscale are both subsidiaries of DCG. So Coindesk is a mouthpiece for the Wall Street crypto crowd.  

Dive a bit further into the DGC and you will see a big name associated with it, one that's entrenched in the Ivy league/government complex.

Larry Summers



Larry Summers is one of the most corrupt bureaucrats in the U.S. . From the bailouts in 2008 to enumerable amounts of cronyism. This is a man feeding information to Coindesk and Grayscale from inside in all likelihood. 


So is that why Coindesk watches Stellar and XRP so close? There's no other reason for those particular tickers to be right after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With such an insider feeding Coindesk information, this may be the confirmation needed.


On another note, this looks like it has the potential to be massive :


When you look at the VCs and names involved (including DCG) you know it's serious.

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