Think Before You Speak

Did you ever think how much our words are powerful? How much Their impact is long-lasting?  If no, see the header image.


Words are the seeds which grow in someone's mind like a plant and then it grows like a flower or tree. 


Our one sentence can make someone's life or ruin it. 


Usually, backbenchers face this sentence that they are losers, they can't do anything. But they were doing fun and study at the same time. 


We never think that what we are talking/speaking and how much our words havan e impact on that person. 


Sometimes Our one good sentence will be very helpful for them to achieve their goals and become a successful person. 


But if we say bad words or insult the person he will become sad and become a loser. 


Always think before you speak because your words are making someone successful or a loser.


The article was published on Uptrennd: Uptrennd | Think Before You Speak

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Life Teaching Lessons/Personal Growth
Life Teaching Lessons/Personal Growth

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