Yesterdays Nightmare

By Searching for Truth | Life Sucks | 26 Sep 2020

I was Driving a Van, beside me was my Wife -she was Hurt badly and i had to Drive her to a Hospital

I was in a Rush, driving way to fast-so damn fast

There was a Traffic Jam right in front of me, damn I was so fast i couldn't brake

I had to evade, evade the cars

So i steered over to the Sidewalk, there where People on that Sidewalk-damn I had to evade them too

The road continued downward but the Sidewalk ended with a abysm, it went down 4 or maybe 5 meters

I didn't know that the Sidewalk would end, there was no railing and no other Indicator that would have warned me. I was to fast to react, all I could do was going down 

We where not buckled up, so i was thrown out of the front Window

Thrown out with her, had to react fast-I had to Protect her

I catched her in the Air and covered the impact on her Body with mine

I was crushed and the car was still moving behind us, it came flying at us with full Speed 

Everything was Happening so damn fast, my Body was broken but i had to save her

I gave it my all and pushed her to the Side, pushed her away from the incoming Van

And than i was crushed



I woke up in an Hospital, I was lying in a Bed and my Wife was standing right in front of it

She was unharmed and seemed fine, than i took a look at my Body and noticed something Strange

My Body was also unharmed and I had no injuries at all-this was just Impossible, what was going on here? Was I Dead?, Was I in Hell?

I screamed "What is this?","Whats happening here?","Am I Dead?","Who are you?"

She looked at me with an empty Impression less stare while the whole Room turned Dark 

Everything turned Dark, Everything except her

She turned as the Room went Dark - her Appearance changed at the same time as the Room changed 

She turned into a Creepy Old Woman with a Sinister Dark Face

Her cheeks where covered with some undefined Black lining and she was wearing a long Black Dress

This Thing was not my Wife

I had Goosebumps while i watched everything turn and i felt a trembling in my Body, the sensation of Fear that totally took over me

I was so shocked, all i could to was watch-watching her

She began to talk slowly:

"You're a sharp one, you saw thru it all way faster than excepted. I will make u suffer, I will make you feel pain. All that awaits u is endless suffering and pain!, and nothing else"

I was still lying there, lying in the Dark and when she stopped talking i went down. I was falling, falling in this Void of Darkness

And then.......I woke up



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Searching for Truth
Searching for Truth

This whole world is nothing but lies,lies,lies! LIES! Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called 'DESPAIR!-Hazama; BlazBlue

Life Sucks
Life Sucks

Bad Things Happen all the Time,here are some examples

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