#UplandWealthBuilding Contest - My Experience with Upland and what I learned about the Game+Some tipps for Beginners

By Searching for Truth | Life Sucks | 21 Apr 2022

Welcome to my entry into the Upland Wealth Building Writing Contest. I’m not really wealthy in Upland but I share what I learned about this Game in this Post and maybe it might Help someone to achieve something 😊.

In real life I can’t afford a property for myself but at least I can own something in the Virtual Space with Upland. Upland is one of the 3 Crypto games that I play (or used to play because I stopped playing Along with the Gods after my valuable characters where deleted when my phones battery went off) and the only one of them where I have a little profit (which I haven’t transposed yet so it’s only theoretical and it’s just a few bucks but it's still profit). It’s also is the only Game (that I tried) that was truly free to play to earn.

It doesn’t require any investment to get started, you get 6000 UPX (~6€) UPX for free to begin with and all you need to invest is some Time to reach the Uplander Status to be able to truly own and sell your properties. Theres a Visa that needs to be renewed within every 7 days for non Uplanders. The Status will be granted to you if you manage to reach a net worth of 10,000 UPX or more (the other Option would be to pay 10€ to be Uplander right from the start but I did not take that road).

I can’t tell how long it took me to get there for sure but I would guess it where 2 to 3 Months, I made some Mistakes and also went the Hard way because I did not use discord so I think it’s possible to attain the status much faster and a lot easier than I did.

At first you need to obtain some Properties, I would recommend to do some google research to find out which place is the best (cheapest) to begin with. I think new regions might be a good place to start with because there might be some cheap properties there, also the fees for the treasure Hunt might be more affordable there.

Investigate the in-Game collections & their requirements to get a nice UPX boost which will Help you to obtain the necessary net worth a lot faster.

You will also get a consecutive Log in Bonus if you check in every day.

Try to figure out how the treasure Hunt works (Its best to watch some YouTube videos to understand and learn about Distancing to get as much treasures as possible without wasting to much UPX in the Hunt for fees and sends). Treasures will earn you UPX or even some Spark which you will need to create Buildings (I’m creating 1 right now but with the little Spark I have it will still take around 170 days do build it, so I don’t know much about that stuff). It costs sends to travel between Properties that are not your own and you have to pay fees to the owner of the Property that you use your sends for. The Fee varies and depends on the owner of the Property. You can als collect Fees from other Players that are visiting your own Propertys and the Properties themself will also generate some UPX that you can earn and collect.

My recommendation for starters is to stay in 1 city because of the collection bonus (I bought properties in 2 different city’s which I consider a mistake cause Treasure Hunts would have been easier and cheaper with more Properties).

Until now i have 5 Properties in my Possession ,4 of them in Bakersfield and 1 in Fresno, for that reason I missed out on a 1200 UPX collection bonus for owning 5 propertys in the same city. This Bonus would have been a nice addition and a big help to buy new properties cause I'm very low on UPX (only 400 left) at the moment and it will take a while to gain some UPX, also the pricing went up a lot since I started in Bakersfield (both in Fees and in Propertys) which makes it a lot harder for me to obtain something.

That’s all folks (at least all I know), so let's get to the summary of my knowledge:

How to get wealth in Upland(some Tipps for Beginners):

  • Watch some YouTube videos to get a clue about the Game. 
  • Try to learn about treasure distance as much as you can (don’t waste to much sends and UPX for fees if possible).  
  • Start in a city with affordable prices and stay there for a while. Compare prices before you buy your properties (especially if you don't have much UPX), take your time and search for cheap ones. 
  • I Recommend to Have at least 7 sends before you start a treasure Hunt
  • Every Day you get one Hunt for free, it might be better to stay with the free Hunt to save you the UPX instead of wasting them for multiple Hunts since the Treasures are not worth much most of the Time
  • Also try to Split your properties equally in all directions and with a good distance between them to save up some sends in Treasure Hunts
  • Use Discord (if you don't do it, it's still OK, I didn't use it either but) like in real life connections will help you a lot to attain wealth, I think people use these connections to get Collections considerably faster to earn the Bonus UPX right away 




I’m zooming  in on the map till I see the squares that i marked on the 2nd Picture and  then I try to measure the Distance with them.

I’m not going to Draw a Diagram here because I know that someone else already wrote a Post about the distances here on Publish so I’m just going to add a Link to this Article and i hope that the Author is Ok with it.



Thanks For Reading

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Searching for Truth

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