Terra Luna, gota Risk it for the biscuit

By Searching for Truth | Life Sucks | 12 May 2022

I'm not a financial advisor, just a guy with a Shity job. I invested 90€ to buy me some Terra, why? Because I hate my job and my shity flat. Everyone tells you to absolutely not buy it right now. I say Fuck it, ok thers a high chance that they mess it up, but what if they don't? Thers no chance for people like me to afford a own house or flat, but this might be a opportunity to get some serious cash in the future. I would say, the chances are better than with lotto. I'm not a financial advisor as I already mentioned above but I think most of us can afford it to invest 5€. Terra Luna went from 100€ in April to 4 cent at the moment of writing. Maybe I'm wrong but I really see a opportunity here. Hate me if I'm wrong but love me if I'm right.. 

Update:it's at 0,0039cent right now, but Im still not giving up on it,very exciting. Will they make it or brake my 100 bucks? 


And if you don’t know what I’m talking about just use the search bar above to find plenty articles here on publish about what’s going on, let’s hope for the best everyone : ) 


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Searching for Truth
Searching for Truth

This whole world is nothing but lies,lies,lies! LIES! Lemme show you what I like to call the truth! The truth called 'DESPAIR!-Hazama; BlazBlue

Life Sucks
Life Sucks

Bad Things Happen all the Time,here are some examples

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