Manifest Your Dreams


There were days when I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. As I continued to follow my highest excitement, my path slowly got narrower and narrower and more refined over time.

I honestly feel like I've lived a dozen different lives in just this one incarnation, as I've tried so many different things, from going to schools, dropping out, moving around the country, trying different jobs etc.

Until eventually everything combined and I realized my love for music couldn't end with just producing beats, but that I had to rap and express my soul through words.

I'm so amazed at how things come together after listening to your heart and soul for over 10 years, and to be in a place now where I'm doing what I love most, while having so many of you supporting me on this mission of spreading truth gives me so much satisfaction and joy.

I'm extremely grateful for all the difficulty I've had to experience on my path, as it's given me the mindset and the perseverance to make anything happen.

Follow your dreams, but even if you aren't fully sure of your dreams yet, follow your heart, and it will all be revealed to you soon enough 💜

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Conscious Fitness
Conscious Fitness

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Life, Art, Spirituality, and Consciousness
Life, Art, Spirituality, and Consciousness

The deeper aspects of life beneath the surface rise up through words. In this blog, I share my thoughts and feelings about life and ways to find more inner peace.

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