How to Become a Spiritual Alchemist

You are comprised of duality. You contain the masculine and the feminine, the darkness and the light, the part of you which is God and the part of you which is still animal. You are a human being, a very unique creation. You are here to balance out these energies in this world of duality that we live in. We are here to grow and expand, as we are infinite beings that are not limited to this one lifetime.


To balance out the darkness with our light, let's take a look at the darkness in our lives, those suppressed emotions which we don't normally allow to be expressed. When was the last time a negative or difficult circumstance entered your life? We have the ability to shed light on those circumstances and grow from them by looking at these events from a new perspective.

Think about experiences or environments from your past which affected you in a negative way. Perhaps you grew up around negative energy in your family or had a difficult time at school. We create ideas of who we are based on these experiences, which are often brought into our identity and made to be a part of our story. These unconscious aspects of ourselves which we haven't shed light on yet become buried in our subconscious, which tend to be suppressed into roles we play or identites we create.

For example, if we grew up in a household which never showed us love, we could assume at a young age that this is the way the world works. As we grow older, we can continue to view the world from this same limited perspective and therefore continue our creation of experiences which valiate these beliefs, which in this case, is that love is rare, hard to come by, or non-existent.

Instead of living life like this forever, we as human beings are able to transmute these dark energies by shedding light and awareness on them. With spiritual alchemy, we can turn these energies from negative to positive by perceiving them in a new way. To accomplish spiritual alchemy, look back into your past for the stories we've created which we identify with. Many of us believe the story of who we are is limited to what we have done or who we have been, but this is not the full picture. These may be chapters in our story, but not our full story.

So go back to chapter one when you were young, when something negative or traumatic happened. How do you transmute this energy? First, you must look at this experience as a form of growth, not as a form of limitation. You must acknowledge it for what it is and understand that it was an experience that happened to help you grow and expand. By taking this energy and looking at it from a new frame, you can apply it to your life in a positive way and use it as a resource to allow you to build onto your life.

This process is about us continually becoming aligned with who we truly are by finding balance. Otherwise, circumstances in our lives will continue to trigger us and bring up this dark energy, causing us to react. Think of the last time you reacted to a circumstance with fear, anger, sadness, or guilt. When we are triggered, we can easily bring the energy of our old story into our present moment, which isn't complete awareness of self in the moment.


Rather than reacting, we can take a deep breath, allowing ourselves to become centered and focused on what we truly want to express, not just an reaction based on the past. When we're pulled back into that past moment, we have the opportunity to heal ourselves and tell a new story.

We can transmute this negative energy by forgiving ourselves and all others by taking away our blames and judgments. Once we can take a deep breath and look at the experience behind the emotion that was triggered in us, we can look at the experience objectively and see it with a much broader perspective. We can now see how this experience helped us discover more of who we are and how it helped us become stronger individuals. We can see how the initial life challenges we have suppressed are teachers with lessons which have helped us to learn and grow from.

We are all spiritual alchemists, as we all have this ability to transmute energies. The negative can become positive, just as the darkness can become light. Perfection is an illusion, but balance is a way of life.


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