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By troynamps | Life Opinions | 7 Apr 2020

A few days back I posted about another platform I am part of, unfortunately all I was walking was just my world. I know very well that in modern days, like the Biblical Thomas people want to see first. 

So after receiving my first payment from the leaders I decided I will tell you guys about Parrot Release again. Before I jump to the long explanation, see my payment received below: 


What is Parrot Release?

Parrot release.com is an e-journalism and e-marketing platform, dedicated to providing latest news from all around the world. 

List of content accepted on Parrotrelease.com

New stories (report source if copied and do not just copy and paste)

- Original news Articles
- Motivational articles or videos
- Opinion articles
- Sports stories
-  Tutorial articles
- Educational articles
- Movie Reviews/ Book Reviews
- Music
- Entertainment articles
- Adverts

- Poems

 Articles must not have sexually explicit content or contents supporting drug abuse whatsoever.

To register visit: https://parrotrelease.com/register?ref=4zbqxVrapr. Parrotrelease offers a token reward for posts and referrals brought to the platform. 


I need a new inspiration, let me go for another coffee. By the way, in case you missed it at the top. My referral link is below. You get US$1.00 instantly for signing up and you will also get more benefits from all your referrals. Signup is absolutely free!!! Ciao...


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