Is 2020 Really A Trainsmash?

By troynamps | Life Opinions | 8 Oct 2020

What do you think?

Well, it could have been somehow better! I am not complaining about it. Maybe the worst happened, but it could also have been worse. 

Yeah yeah, whatever you call it, it happens. Right?

Imagine us in history, well known for surviving a virus that wiped out over a million healthy citizens. One day you were fit, the following they could not even taste water. Haha! Don't mind me, I just realised that I failed in trying to be serious. Who ever tasted water under the sun.

On a serious note, 2020 is not really a trainsmash. We just shifted our routine, but everything is still the same. Surprisingly, some people even became richer in lockdown as compared to when they were doing their 9-5. Some started new businesses, others turned to online ventures and so forth. Not forgetting others who got new jobs. Things happened in lockdown, while a whole lot of people were waiting for movement restrictions to be lifted.

If you ask me, it was all about mindset. What you perceive in this situation will determine how 2020 looked like.

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Life Opinions

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