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The Writing on the Great Wall: Much ado about China

China recently released its 7nm microchip, courtesy of the Chinese SMIC corporation and the Western world fell apart in despair. The global hegemon and vassals are still reeling in disbelief, aghast at how quickly Huawei recovered and became poised to return to growth, after the vicious, coordinated  smear campaign and boycott attack visited upon the brand by the colluding US media and government. Huawei's new phone, the Mate 60, boasts amazing specs--even a satellite call capability. It's no wonder that the Chinese press dubbed the ground-breaking release as Return of the King (王者回归). It just goes to show what a 想办法 mindset (a can-do, problem-solving attitude) can achieve. That's what the Chinese call 一心一德 (one heart, one virtue single-mindedness). And now the super chip is already revealed to feature in the next generation SUVs by Lynk & Co:  https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202309/11/WS64fe7ceca310d2dce4bb510a.html For context, the US is still ahead of the curb, for the time being. Apple will be equipped with a 3nm chip, also made in China, by the way (Taiwan), but the recent developments illustrate that the mainland is not far behind...  and gaining ground fast:  https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Tech/Semiconductors/Apple-to-use-TSMC-s-next-3-nm-chip-tech-in-iPhones-Macs-next-year 

TL;DR:  What's a recipe for success? Home cooked chips plus a dollop of #DealWithIt for the dastardly forces attempting to sabotage your progress and contain your development. True winners focus on accelerating their own progress and on winning the race, not on sabotaging/containing/undermining the success and chances of others. Think on this simple fact.

Unilateral economic sanctions are illegal under International Law.

Given time, China can and will outproduce and outperform all of the G7 nations combined, in advanced chips and on all other fronts. Reality denial won't help, so nations must learn to coexist, respect one another and enjoy free trade for mutual prosperity, rather than seek to sabotage, undermine and dominate one another--that's a weak and failed path, doomed to failure.
YES, China has economic problems too. China is not perfect, but its rise is inevitable and progress, thus far--miraculous. However, not everything is rosy. China has severe real estate and youth unemployment troubles.

A question for those spreading anti-China FUD and basking in their own lukewarm schadenfreude every time China falters... consider this: If China hits negative growth, what do you suppose will happen to the rest of the world?? Hint: it will be much worse in countries dependent on the Chinese engine of production... a.k.a., the rest of the world.

Some might say that I am overly positive/optimistic on China, but that's my right, as I am a private citizen, not a mass media journalist. I see massive potential and imminent success, so I call it like I see it. This is my personal opinion. I am not alone, Ray Dalio predicts the inevitable rise of China, as do so many other investors and analysts far above my experience grade. On the other hand, check out this obtuse, naïve and straight-up biased reporting:
"The U.S. has imposed supply restrictions. There are sweeping sanctions. China does not have access to chips, or chip-making tools. So what does Beijing do? Circumvent the curbs. American sanctions are porous and China is exploiting those loopholes. Case-in-point: Huawei. China's tech giant and a global leader in 5G technology, Huawei has defeated American sanctions, it seems. They've launched a new smartphone, it's called the Mate 60 PRO. Now some geeks decided to open it up. What they found inside was an advanced chip. It's been called a breakthrough. This chip supports 5G technology and its speed is on par with the latest iPhone. And remember this is despite US restrictions. America has sanctioned Huawei. So China was not supposed to have this technology. So how did they get it?!
This new chip is built by SMIC, the semiconductor manufacturing corporation, partly funded by the government in Beijing. So Huawei's new phone runs on an SMIC chip.

...[bla-bla-bla about photolithography]
...so long story-short, this process is both complex and precise. It is not an easy skill to master. Then how did China do it? How did they make their own advanced chip? Well we don't have an answer, but we can tell you about some theories doing the rounds. Apparently, this chip is made using cutting edge European techniques. Meaning European tools were used. So did Europe supply this technology to China? But that is unlikely, because the transfer of this technology is also restricted. Then how did Beijing get it? Two possibilities: either China bought the tools before the restrictions came into force, or they stole it."
Wait... WHAT?!
So... they don't have an answer, but are happy to disseminate baseless, malicious gossip anyway? OK... palm, meet face!

UuuGH... Friends, have you ever heard such a bigoted torrent of hogwash?! Probably yes, but you get my drift. This is pretty sticky and far out there. She herself just admitted that Huawei is a LEADER in global 5G. She just said that this chip is a breakthrough in the technology space. Then she insinuates that they stole it. How dumb can one #presstitute be?!?   According to this, Huawei has a larger brand valuation than the Bank of America, Oracle, Accenture, Visa, Ford, Netflix, Uber, Intel, JP Morgan, PWC, Deloitte, Nestle, Citi, Siemens, Dell, IBM, Porsche, McDonalds, CocaCola and scores of other household brands. 


Huawei is also among the top 10 most innovative brands on Earth:



Huawei is top dog by brand value  


Given the above reality check, WHY is anyone surprised that Huawei is well on the road to self sufficiency and that the US' illegal containment sanctions cannot and will not work? The only thing these illegal actions will accomplish is get smaller Western suppliers to China, such as Qualcomm, utterly REKT. As of next year, Qualcomm will lose the collosal business for about 30,000,000 chip units per year, which is the size of their orders from Huawei alone!

Why are people surprised? Is Necessity not the Mother of Invention?! Are the absolutely best chips not cooked by Taiwan's TSMC? Is Taiwan not a part of China?! No, not just according to me, but according to Taiwan's own constitution and some 98+% of all the countries in the world, signed up to the One China policy--including the US.
And yet, they simply can't wrap their heads around the fact that China IS perfectly capable of producing chips of quality on par with the US and the Netherlands and at speeds undreamed of in the West? Surprise, surprise, that's what China does. AND they produce/control the bulk of the rare-earth minerals' market to boot. Have these people been living under a rock and learned nothing?! If you want to spur growth and innovation in the camp of your competitors--just sanction them!

Does this woman even know what she's reading? Evidently not. Presstitutes like this make Amsterdam's dockworkers blush! FACT (see image from 2016): China puts out 9 TIMES more STEM graduates than the US. That is ALL a sensible person needs to know to understand the trajectory of global development and innovation for the foreseeable future. Let's be generous and say that it's only 500% of the US' crop of specialists, as China has a 'broad definition' or whatever. Still... the writing's on the Great Wall!
The West's self-important ideology is inconsistent with reality. Full spectrum dominance for ANY nation is naught but a neocon pipe dream. And as the saying goes: they can con some people all of the time... they can con all people some of the time, but they CAN'T con all people all of the time. These delusions of superiority and grandeur are just racist in the extreme. They're in for a rude awakening.



Crazy WEF

Alas! These sinfully stupid people act like all the Chinese do is sneak around stealing precious American tech and avoiding the 'scary and crippling' US sanctions, that have them 'squealing with the feeling' and begging for mercy. A delusion about the efficacy of sanctions, which have zero legitimacy under international law to begin with! Yes, I do mean sinfully stupid. Their sin is not stupidity, but reality denial and spewing heinous propaganda, rooted in their la-la-land of wishful thinking that they're relevant and somehow have the power and right to sabotage and contain the progress of others. I recently drew the parallel of the US' perpetual sabotage campaign with Dick Dastardly from the Wacky Races. It's time for the US to clean up its act, stop acting like Dick and to focus on glaring domestic issues of corruption, infrastructure decay and flagrant human right abuses.

America may have torpedoed, arrested and even retarded Japan's success in the 1980s, but China is having none of the US' malign influence and meddling. China has not allowed itself to be captured and for its independence alone, it's worth admiring:

This is what is meant by systemic racism: 


I do NOT believe that the police ought to be defunded, but clearly, there ARE a few bad apples that should be cast out and dishonourably discharged. So America: clean up your own house and backyard, before lecturing others. Syria is finally asking the UN to do something about the US pirate forces stealing their oil. They estimate losses at 150,000 barrels per day to come up to a total of 1.155 Billion $US.


Wow... Operation Iraqi Liberation sure experienced some mission creep, huh?!   You know the O.I.L. song, right?!


Focus on improving the lives of Americans and on reviving the American Dream. A stable society needs a vibrant, robust middle class. There is no nobler task for an American politician, than to revive and build-back-better the American Dream. A Polish politician should aspire to build the Polish Dream. A Belgian politician should work toward a Belgian Dream. Etc. 

Joker dreaming  

It's simple: rather than going around the world exporting war and sowing instability, on a piracy crusade of pillage, plunder and bent ideological indoctrination, all governments should focus inward and improve the living standards of their own citizens. And the world would become a much better and safer place for our kids to inherit. 40-60% of society should live high above the poverty line. At the moment, in the West at least, it feels like well over half of society is a pay-check away from bankruptcy and desperate. A sad, unstable and panicked state of affairs, which will not and cannot go sideways forever. It WILL resolve itself into either total control or redistribution of wealth and anarchy. This is what feeds the radical sentiments of reparations and revolutions.

Hosea 8:7: "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind."

Top companies  

Does industrial espionage exist on BOTH sides? Well, DUH! Of course! That's the name of the game. Let's not pretend like this common practice is somehow sinister or poor form. Yes, ALL competing corps and nation states spy on each other. Yes, the sun rises in the mornings. That's just how it works, Friends!


"The Future Of STEM
China and India are betting big on STEM. Studies have shown by 2030, China and India will lead in a big way. They could account for more than 60% of the STEM graduates. This is compared to only 8% in Europe and 4% in the United States."

STEM graduates in China

And, btw, yes... ONLY the UN Security Council has the right and power to impose legal sanctions. These are supranational punitive measures. All unilateral, coercive manoeuvres, like this rules' based international order hodgepodge 'sanctions' hogwash imposed by the US & masochistic vassals are illegal before International Law (Art. 41, Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter).   As I've said, China is not at all perfect in my book. Like any rising power, it still has a very long way to go and no nation is perfect in any case... but it's heading in the right direction, as they've lifted hundreds of millions of people from abject poverty within a couple of decades and then... within just a decade built more fast-speed rail tracks, than the rest of the world COMBINED!!

In the West our corporations say that it's not profitable to invest in common good infrastructure, but in China they say: "If you want to prosper... build a road!"

Check out videos proving how smooth the ride is at 450km/h: 

Of course, as a European, there are many things that I don't like about China--the sinister social score, ridiculous levels of KYC at every turn (it seems that even the recycling bins have face-recognition capabilities now), overcrowding, erratic regulation in construction and food safety, CBDCs, no real motorbikes, etc., etc. However, I always give credit where it is due.
First and foremost, they're not experiencing the woke nonsense and 'gender-dysphoria' that plagues, ravages and addles weak minds in the West and they refuse to import toxic claptrap. Furthermore, perhaps due to their incredibly complex language and unrivalled work ethics, the Asians are consistently at the top of the global IQ leader boards and their population numbers speak for themselves. From the end of this decade, there will simply be no way that the West will outproduce China in the near-midterm future. In anything.
#Butthurt, envy and racism will avail the West nothing. The only sensible course of action is to educate themselves and learn to coexist with a greater, ascending power. #ResistanceIsFutile.

  Animal farm

Both the Western societies and the social order in China are designed to keep the people who make the laws in power. Governments can't govern if their own stability is in question or uncertain. We get that. However, there ought to be limits. The US seems to have devolved into a corrupt, oligarchy-ruled authoritarian dystopia, as vital infrastructure has been neglected, moral standards are in advanced decay, education has suffered and poverty is off the chain.  In China, the masses are better taken care of IF they're contributing and productive members of society, however, if they're not and they attempt to pursue dissent, individualism, or worse still--oppose the powers that be... they quickly learn that many of the freedoms which we take for granted in the West are hard to come by or can be revoked at a stroke of a bureaucrat's pen.  Jeremy Corbyn's slogan read, build a system "For The Many, Not The Few." So it's preferable to the spectre of utter hopelessness and defiled democracy that suffocates the masses in the West.  Still, in China it is hard to retire early or even make it as a self-made person who's an outsider (not that breaking into any given industry is a piece of cake in the West, mind you). However, IF one gets the right education and then works hard, a life-long career is all but guaranteed. Also capitalism is allowed within the parameters of the system. There are some red lines, as oligarchs like Jack Ma found out the hard way. As for the West... it's in decay, devolving into an Animal Farm. The WEF and their fanatical esG dystopia is a zeitgeist scourge, I fear... They have their barbed tentacles latched onto everything, permeating all strata of life. Soros is also a terrible force on the side of this evil cabal. Angelo Giuliano explains this quite well:

The waning Western powers need to mend ties, learn to respect others and work together towards a mutually prosperous future, rather than pursue the selfish, asinine, deviously fiendish and already-failed 'containment' (a.k.a., sabotage) strategy and neo-liberal colonialism. This master-servant BS will stop, one way or another. Declining superpowers should know better than to antagonise and make enemies of rising superpowers. Delusions of grandeur are incompatible with survival, when the sun of one's power is setting. If China reciprocated in kind and applied a maximum pressure campaign of blockade against Taiwan, the EU or even the US, these societies (not just economies) would summarily implode. Thank goodness, they're exhibiting monolithic patience and wisdom... thus far.

US and EU as Dick & Muttley  

"Wake up, Muttley! You're dreaming again! 

You're not Robin Hood, and you're not Gunga Din! 

You're not a brave knight, or a king that's been crowned! 

You're just plain old Muttley, the snickering hound!"

Peaceful coexistence and trade should always be preferable to extinction.
Alas! #JoeBrandon and his corrupt cohort of toady, chicken-hawk cronies care nothing for the terrible toll their bellicose caprices will have on 'Joe Average'. As the ancient wisdom goes: when elephants fight, it's the grass that suffers.
True, true, China's economy might slow down or even stumble, due to vast internal pressures and growing pains abroad, but the West should look to its own troubles--security, corruption, failing infrastructure, fractured societies, etc., etc., rather than keep trying to cause troubles for others to slow down progress elsewhere. Case-in-point: problems like this don't just go away by themselves. No, they snowball and, eventually, avalanche!

In contrast, here's objective reporting. Just stating the facts, not qualifying the statements or colouring the report with personal bias, punctuated by meaningful pauses. That's what I want from my media: just the facts and no fluff or spin.
Critical thinking 101: give me the raw facts and I'll decide FOR MYSELF how to interpret them and what to think--I will slice and dice them, DYOR and, ultimately, draw my own conclusions. I refuse to imbibe pre-chewed and regurgitated propaganda.
Always DYOR, my Friends!   To forster plausible deniability and to create the illusion of making attempts to defuse the tensions which the US has been working hard to stoke for well over a decade... after all, what are the world's self-professed 'Good Guys' supposed to do, if the world ends on their watch, with their finger on the trigger?

Project, project, project!!!



And so, over the past couple of months, the Biden Whitehouse has sent troops of stooges of varying calibre, skulking off to China, in a show of attempting to smooth ruffled feathers. Feathers ruffled by the US' unlawful support for separatism in Taiwan. Everyone, ranging from Yellen, to Blinken and now the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo has gone over to Beijing hoping to hoodwink the Chinese into dropping their guard and believing that the US is a sincere partner that believes in fair trade and mutual prosperity. The Chinese, like the Russians, have been down that path of squandered trust and betrayal once too many times and their response was that the US needs to work harder to back up their hot air with concrete actions. Also, by an uncanny serendipitous quirk of chance, Huawei's superphone, sporting the 100% home-grown 7nM microchip, just happened to drop during Gina's arrival and eclipse the significance of her visit. The grim irony of the US officials' visits was not lost on the public, who were quick to read between the lines and a new meme trend was sparked, picturing Gina endorsing Huawei.  

Gina Huawei  


Remember, the so-called 'globalist elites' have no nation or allegiance. Soros, Gates and their ilk want nothing more than for us to buy the lie that the struggle in the world is of the Left versus the Right. That political and national ideologies should be atop our agendas... Patriotism is for chumps. It's just a way to keep the 99% divided and distracted, while the 1% figure out immortality for themselves and social engineering for the rest of us. While we're chasing our tails and arguing over the basic meaning of the obvious, while virtue signal with ridiculous pronouns, the super rich steal the world's wealth, a.k.a., our children's future prosperity and give themselves tax cut after tax cut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv0IYSTMevY

These people simply want to rule the world and care nothing for nation states--they want it all. They identify their 'young global shapers' early in their careers, indoctrinate them and own them for life. That's how they get their influencers into power. The swamp extends globally beyond Washington D.C! Time will tell how this will all play out, but for now, we're all just hostages, along for the ride. Buckle up, as clouds are brewing ahead and things might get bumpy. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail... or there might not be heads left.


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