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By d0m | Life Leak | 23 Sep 2020


After failing to get over the deal of signing Lionel Messi, a remaining void of disappointment remains amongst the fans by the lack of getting the deal of getting the Maestro over the board.

The shining star of Manchester City's attacking unit in the club is ought to be Gabriel Jesus with his fifth season onboard of Pep Guardiola's team. The Brazilian has vastly contributed to the Premier League and Champions League progress in the past seasons and is expected to be a key part of a what is expected to be a decisive season for the future of its Manager.


Pep Guardiola has achieved his four seasons in charge of Barcelona and just three during Bayern stay. The manager is unprecedentedly into fifth season of being in charge of Manchester City with the expectations set relatively high by the club. 


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What mark do you think the Spaniard deserves so far? The team has achieved two league titles and an FA Cup which would be enough for an average coach, however with the ambitions set high frustratingly the Champions League appears far from reach.

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