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What Else We Can Expect From Them?

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Some people are really very disturbed in their personal life and they are busy to find lacking of other's instead fixing their own problems in life. Feel pity to them though victims get angry most of the time. Last night I was talking with a girl who has problem of obesity and she faces complications from the over concerned people in this society. Her gigantic body is the topic of discussion. How she really moves, how anyone will marry her as her obesity is in extreme level.

Over concerned people are always ready to poke her for her lacking and she was sharing her issues last night with me, we had more than two hours conversation, she was unstoppable and I was sleepy and tired. I mostly don't like spending time gossiping but last night I couldn’t say to her to stop. I've heard whatever she was talking from her personal life and also about her friends and family. She is also pissed off with the behavior of over concerned people in our society. Her mom is a social activist and she also face Over concerned people who often tease her for her fat daughter.

These kind of over concerned people has no solution of our problems but has enough time to pinch others for other's problems in life. Last night she was telling how she and her family react on such situation when silence should be the only answer for these fools. Actually when people has no solution of their own problems in life they shows concern about problems in life of others around them and what else we can expect from a disturbed soul? I feel pity to them because they are so helpless to solve their problem and put their nose to other’s life issues.

Who mostly found gossiping about the life of others? Mostly aunties of our next door neighbor, has no work to do and loves to gossip about the problem in other's life. They has time to waste. It may sounds bad that last night the girl who was wasting my time was also one of them but couldn’t show her the mirror that she was doing the same job though her life is also full of problems. She wasted my two hours and I couldn’t even say stop. Many says we can ignore if we want and I couldn’t ignore even I wanted to let her know that I'm not that interested in such issues but she was interested to share stories from around her and blah blahs.

At the last moment she told that she made me irritate for hours but I replied its fine no problem and it was a lie. Gossiping is just a waste of time for me and I try not to get into it. But sometimes we are helpless to avoid and I became a good listener. The girl last night confess herself as talkative and she must realized that I'm not that interested to such gossiping. So I just hope next time we won't have such long conversation which nothing but just waste of time. I feel pity to her too.

Recently when I was visiting my sister's house, she let me know that the girl I was gossiping last night her mother is also one of the over concerned aunty and she often poked my sister for our personal life lacking or issues and today we can see how her daughter is suffering. Almighty always do justice and give replies on our behalf, we just need to remain silent and wait for seeing the revenge of nature. Sorry to talk about this way but I still feel pity to such people who found get into other's life so much.


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