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We All Are Slave Of Money

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The title of the article may doesn’t sounds good but the reality of each life. Some will accept and some will deny but truth will remain unchanged and bitter. Even a rich who have a lots of money is also slave of money as they want more and more money and the need of money is endless. If people loves money we mostly name them greedy but we should look at ourselves before tagging others with the word greedy. Be honest, Don't you want money? You may reply when your all needs are fulfilling then why you need money and how you can be slave of money?

Our all needs can be fulfilling by other's money but how long? What if the person bearing all the expenses of yours die one day? Our financial freedom only can be brought when we earn our own money. Either we slave of money or we slave of other person for money but directly or indirectly we all are slave of money. Money can buy almost everything and money can buy love, good name, fame, respect, better life, best treatment, youth and everything we want.

We can buy other's time with the money. Money is wonderful and the king. A dollar note doesn’t lost it’s value even it get older. But human lost their value when get old without money. Money is the king and valuable at it’s any form. I saw people’s changing behaviour for money, I saw myself changing for money. We all are available for sell for money. But we are not ready to accept it. Money can make things possible. You can buy good relationship like parents, siblings, partner and everything you want.

There is a proverb in my language and the English for of the proverb is, when we have money we can buy or get the eyes of tigers. We all know that tiger is a ferocious animal and It's eyes are angry all the time but when you have money you can get the kind eyes of tiger and it means you can get something impossible and rare with the money. The person made the proverb can better explain the meaning, I just explained it according to my own point of view.

Accept it or not money is the most powerful thing that God designed for us. Money can convert lie to the truth. Money can gives us everything we want to have. A young girl marry an old guy and her aim was money and she can compromise everything for it. A boy reject a poor girl to marry and got married a rich woman because she had money and social status for money. These are two short stories to show the power of money. There are huge stories available around us just open your eyes and you can see it.

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