There Is No Space For Poor In This Earth

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A financially broken person knows the value of money and being poor is not a choice for a normal human being. No one wants to be poor but in the race of life people who can't run faster and left behind by others remain poor. This is not always about financial but also about the ability to work. And yes luck also important. But if being poor is your choice then luck can't help you to change your status. Only your proper plan can change it in a positive way.

Financially poor people if thinks they can't run in the race of life, they will remain poor and this earth is not for them or I can say, this earth is not for losers. No need to win always just bring some change and accept some challenges can help us to overcome poverty. Poor and slow people sometimes cheated by smart people and they don't understand how to answer them back. Recently inflation is a very popular issue which can make poor people more poor.

So what is the solution? Poor people need to be smart to overcome their status. Honest people even also has no space in this earth as corrupt people knows how to lie and grab more asset. There was a prediction in our religion that when the earth will about to end, unworthy people will rule the world and worthy people will be poor and ignored. For example, our hostel cook is a illiterate woman and she often shout on girls and almost rule the hostel like an owner. But she is not deserving.

Not only poor by money but also poor by knowledge and quality always get a slap from this cruel earth. So being rich by quality can help people to exist in this earth. Many of us born in poor family and that was not on our hand or choice but staying poor is our choice and only we can change it by changing some of our habits and developing quality. We can prepare ourselves for the race of competition in life.

Not always unworthy people win and only our developed qualities can proof that. The earth not yet about to end because good people are less but still exist and we can improve our finance by being bold and take necessary initiatives. It could be not that easy at the beginning but trying restlessly can help us in this case. We shouldn’t be tired of trying.

Its true that surviving in a place where people are trying to dominate or rule you. Let them rule you for a specific time like until you become successful with your goals. After your success you can disconnect with those people who made your life help because you were a poor. There is no space for poor in this earth so only we can make our own space by doing wise practices and having effective plans. This earth is a place where no one wants to leave space for others, we need to work hard on it and make our own space.

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