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Someday Try Something Childish


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Who doesn’t miss childhood? Even you may have a lots of bitter memories in your childhood, you still miss the time and sometimes wish to get back those days. This morning my mind was empty with random thoughts and I just searched for free image with the keyword "life" amongst all I choose one and suddenly I decide to write about trying childish that I love to do often if I get chance.

In my childhood I mostly prefer running and spinning with open arms. I felt like a bird and run like a horse. Someday if I find any open green field and no people around there, I'll do it again. I'll enjoy the breeze and run until I get tired. Someday I wish to swim in a village pond. I forget when I jumped inside the pond last time. Jumping into the water of pond and floating on water like a goose is my all time favorite. Sink inside the water and stay there for few seconds or minutes is also amazing.

Sometimes I aim to have my own house and a swimming pool inside it. Wish to swim there whenever I want. Sometimes I try childish by eating sweets that I liked most when I were a kid. Candies, homemade Ice-creams from local shops, sweets from shops and eat them alone, I still try these childish activities. One more crazy thing I did in my childhood days and it was funny too. I often start dancing in public if there were any loud music start playing. I didn’t care and just dance without any choreography hahah. Its random dance and it sure wired if someone watching me dancing LOL.

In childhood days we friends use large cloths to make them wings. We start running and the cloth tie in our neck that also fly when we ran. It was like superman's costume. We play with pillows and made the bed messy. Those days were so beautiful and we can't get back the time but we can try childish activities even we grew older. Before being too old we should try childish. I want back the playground of my school where I can run like unstoppable.

Those days were full of fun and the time when life was really a life. When we grow up, our problems also grow up with us. Life seems harder and some practical experiences represent the cruel sides of life. Trying childish mostly keep us away from stress and remind us the awesome life we left behind. Someday I'll dance again with random music in public, can't imagine because it makes me laugh. Public surely start judging me that I go insane LOL. But who cares?

Sometimes I wish to be wired and look over how others judging me. Eating candies are still part of childish activities that I mostly try to stay stress free though my life is awesome by the grace of Almighty Allah and it already very cool and stress free. Feel really very blessed to have chance trying childish even I'm getting old.

Life is not what others living by following the flow or others choosing it for us, life is something I choose to live.....SHOHANA

So, when you going to try something childish? It really makes us feel better. Try it someday and feel the real taste of life again.

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