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Selfcare Reminder !!!

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Today I'm late for blogging but sometimes it fine to be late specially when we are spending time for selfcare. So what is special today? I made a hair pack for my hairfall defense. Last few weeks I'm suffering from serious hairfall that made me worried but it hard to make time for selfcare when we are serious about our work and professional life is also important for us for ensuring a better life.

Whatever, finally I get the day when I made it. This morning I made a hair pack that can help me preventing serious hair fall. Its a remedy for my scalp and when I have a healthy and problem free scalp, I can expect healthy hair on it. So how I did it? Yesterday I bought coconut oil, lemon and I already have in my room onion, castor oil and other necessary self care products.

First of all I took a medium size of onion and grind it with the grinder machine. Extract the onion juice, mixed lemon juice in it and later 2 tbs of coconut oil and 1 tbs of castor oil. Castor oil should be taken half of coconut oil and the amount depend on need of a person's scalp and I've a small head so I took a little amount of each ingredients lol. I mixed them all and applied on my scalp with the help of my hands, some use cotton but I preferred using my own hands for it.

After applying it I'm waiting and join my regular blogging at home. I've done written a blog already and made video of making hair pack at home. I'll take a shower when I'll be done with it. I also apply honey and banana on my face to make my face feel good. Already washed my face and waiting for having a shower. This is sharing as a selfcare reminder for my friends and followers.

We all should take time for self care and this is also part of our life and we shouldn't forget oneself when taking care of the world. When we are fine, we can be fine to others so having selfcare is a must. Many of you can afford spa, skin and hair treatment in a reputed parlor so you can go for it because making face pack, hair pack takes time and parlor treatment can save your time and give a professionally good service to you. Many use protein pack for their hair and it really works good and it charge a good amount of money too. So are you ready to spend time on selfcare? Make time for it and feel the awesomeness of selfcare that bring self-satisfaction too!

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