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Reading Books Alternative

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When I grow up I've noticed that I read very slow than others. For me it takes time to read and understand each sentence and words. I try to feel what I read. Being slow reader was not acceptable to me but after trying a lot I couldn't read faster and took time reading a page of book. So I decide to find a reading book alternative and I found it too. Basically why we read books? To acknowledge about specific things around us, belongs to us or something makes us curious.

I love reading stories and read many in my childhood but now I'm impatient to read and honestly I find it boring too. So the reading alternative for me is watching movies, TV shows, drama, suspense, thriller stories and more. I consider watching onscreen shows, stories, dramas as movie, short film or short videos. On screen everything seems fast and interesting but reading is boring and make me feel sleepy most of the time. Look, I'm not against reading book but on screen shows became the alternative to it, to me.

Once I shared this with my friend but he laughed at me. It can sounds strange or epic for many but I'm honest about sharing my thoughts. It could be different but not useless or crazy. It works for me. A book of story takes 5-10 days to finish when I can finish it just in few hours by watching a movie or less than that time if I find story teller on YouTube but listening stories are not as interesting as watching it as drama or acting of actors. Books have no background music, but it is peaceful and silence.

Book readers will be always respected by me because they are so patient to read a book for long time. For me the smell of pages in the book is something special or else I'm lazy to read and when I see a book with huge pages I can't dare to read it. In my academic life I only read chapters that included in syllabus and sometimes half of my books remain unread. Now almost everything is available online which was found in books and newspaper. If you are lazy too read news paper, you've news channels where you can watch what's happening on all over the world.

So I prefer watching stories instead reading them in book and watching movies can be compared to reading story books. I rarely watch news but I will prefer watching news instead reading them in newspaper. Reading is not as interesting as I enjoy the stories I see in movies and dramas. Expression, sound and other elements make stories more polished and interesting. There are many movies based on novels, stories of famous writers so we still can enjoy the story watching as movies instead what it is in the book. Is there anyone who thinks like me?

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