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Mosquito Inside Drinking Water



Ugh not again! Even I don't like to talk always the bad but experiencing bad things almost everyday. Today in the morning when I went for breakfast and I had no water in my room so I brought there my water pot but I saw mosquito inside the tank of drinking water. I asked the chef what is this? she as always shouting like mad woman and she insisted me to take the water for drinking, I wished to slap her right there but I can't act like illiterate so I control my anger and left the water tank with that mosquito.

Get ready to buy water from outside and I bought a bottle of 2.25ltr of water. Everyday I can't buy my water so I've decided to filter my own water and will boil it 30 minutes everyday for purifying it. Last few days I was suffering from stomach problems and this hostel water is responsible for this, now I can understand. Already I've complained in several issues and now this one come out, can't complain again because the hostel owner is careless person, he only knows to collect money has no care about the health of ladies in this hostel. Poor management and ladies here only compromising everyday.

Everything can be compromised but how people can compromise their drinking water? Pure drinking water is the second name of life likely impure water is the second name of death or other illness. Our chef is a illiterate woman, she was appointed for cooking and she mostly found shouting over girls in the hostel and she deserves no respect. Even she doesn’t have gratitude to those whoever gives her extra food and other products as donation. When she needs donations she act like a good woman and later she shows her true color. Sometimes I don't like to talk with her because her shouting voice irritate me and also I don't want to be abused by her dirty speeches in front of other girls. Talking to her mostly means losing self respect.

Why hostel tolerating a bad mannered woman as chef? Actually hostel pays low amount of salary and they can't afford appointing new good chef and tolerating bad manners of this maid or chef. Last two years ago when I left this hostel, this woman was a valid reason behind leaving hostel but I come back and thought maybe she has changed her rude character but she didn’t. Her attitude is like she is not a maid and not a chef, she act like head of the hostel.

Don't get me wrong, I respect poor people if they are well behaved and gentle. But this chef is needy but after fulfilling need she will act like you are unknown to her and she will show her true colors. How people can be so unthankful? What we should blame? Her nature or her educational background or her family status? Mostly people judge other's family, nature and education by their behaviour, if behaviour is bad like a beast then better remain silent and not to answer back.

This woman sometimes remain silent and that is the good part of her character only. Anyway, I don't want to blame the chef but I surely blame hostel management that has no discipline and honesty, if they had then a maid or chef can't dare to misbehave with the girls in the hostel who pays monthly rent. These people only knows business and do not care if mosquito or other bugs found inside the drinking water tank.


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