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After signing up with many content writing platforms I forgot that I'm a graphic designer too. Not an expert because I didn’t practice a lot with patience. Online writing was always my priority and favourite too. It doesn’t take a lots of time and I'm free to write anything or almost everything. But if there is a will, there is a way. I think I can design at least one single art work for sell told NFT marketplace.

Yesterday I met a marketplace where we can sell our artworks. A day before yesterday I've installed Trust wallet to store my crypto in a safe place there I found Opensea.io and I've created my account right there.

Not more but at least weekly once I can submit at least a design. I'm lazy to design because it takes a lots of time, patience and focus. Ofcourse need to be more creative but honestly I'm not creative and I only can feel jealous with creative people around me. But at least I can practice creativity by seeing work from creative people. Very soon I may upload my art work there in opensea.io.

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

Edited Via Canva, Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

If you’ve ever tried marketplace then you are well known with it. This website is not only for selling arts but also selling photography, music and so on. This website truly can be compared with sea so I guess we can collect sea pearls from this sea, here pearls are crypto currency.

For me opensea.io is the first crypto paying marketplace, there would be many but I just met this one and after creating account just trying to awakening the designer inside me. Earning crypto online is a fun and when I'm going to enjoy it, I can continue it.

Opportunities are many but which one worth our time, we should think off that. My profile in opensea.io may bring some good news and with this hope I'm curious to start. We can expect passive income from these kind of marketplace. I'm familiar with such marketplace though my profile is not that high to earn big but I'm glad that somewhere my work is saved and when those works get sells my work get appreciation. Again I start dreaming and keep working. This article is not about referring any particular marketplace but I would like to encourage my designer mates to join such kind of marketplace and earn some extra bulks from work we do and just uploaded.

Many marketplace approve work before sending them to appear in marketplace and their concern is quality, I think quality check is important before releasing any kind of product or goods for sell. So I appreciate such marketplace. A profile or account there can be an asset for us later. So if you have talent of photography and art work, you are welcome to join marketplace. Quality work get sells and popularity. So its time for waking up.

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