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Its Raining On Eid Day

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First of all, Eid Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world. Its celebration time but its raining outside. Eid is a festival that come twice or sometime thrice in a year and two eid is very closer because these two eid has near 2.5 months of distance to each other. Many Muslims consider raining on Eid day, a great blessing.

How people going to celebrate the Eid when its raining outside? Celebration lovers will definitely find a way to celebrate special day, event or festival. Preparing yummy foods inside home and watching festival fun on screen can be a kind of celebration for many. Honestly my Eid since childhood days was very boring because I always celebrate it inside the house watching TV shows or movies and eating yummy foods.

Unfortunately there is no outing or enjoying it outside like visiting a park, fair, event, market, restaurant or anything that I like most. It feels like the celebration is limited inside the house. In the rainy day the Eid celebration will be as always at indoor. So Eid is boring to me and it will be boring in my whole life. No enjoyment that I truly love to have in my life.

I love travelling and indoor celebration can be plan anytime but Eid doesn’t bring anything really special to me but still its a happy day so I try to find my happiness online. If I've to celebrate eid at home inside then why I should skip online daily tasks? So I'm open for online tasks and that could be my enjoyment.

Rain is a blessing, no doubt! Its saving my money and energy. Whenever I go out I spend a lots of money on buying foods like snacks and fruit but raining force me to stay inside and I'm not spending money on my foods and unnecessary things that I like to buy at first sight. I will spend my Eid like a normal day and I've no plan for this day because its raining outside and roads get wet which is also irritating to me. If rain stop, the roads will still remain wet so I don’t want to walk on a wet road of my city.

Eid now become a kind of virtual celebration because no fun and enjoyment available in my real life. Specially when its raining outside cats and dogs, all roads are wet and gloomy weather everywhere. I wanted to capture some photos of Eid celebration but rain spoiled it. But I should see the positive side of this rain. For me each happy day of my life is a kind of Eid day and there are many Eid days I had in my life and expecting to have many more happy days.

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