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It Will End With Your End

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Is there any life with zero problem, complex and complication. Day by day when we grow up we understand the real meaning of life and it can't be happiest or saddest all the time. Life is a math and sometimes we face complication to solve it and take the help of others to solve it or sometimes it remain unsolved. When we are used to with such complex and doesn't care about it more, we find some peace in our life. No one wants to deal with problems and complications, if anyone exceptionally what it then I must say the person will be super brave to accept problems and complications as challenge on the way of their life but its a rare case.

Sometimes we just over come one problem and another just get ready to appear. We get puzzled and never can bring a permanent solution of it. Accept it or not, problems, complications and tensions make our life more interesting but the time we go through it, it feels like we are at the end of everything. Wise people compared life with exam and the comparison is not incorrect. Our problems and complications will come to us in different style or form and sometimes we will pass the exam and sometimes may fail but life also can be compared with a vehicle which keep running till the end of its capacity.

We all know that life is colorful and when life is full of complications then it take away all the colors and a different color of it appear that we never expected or sometimes not even prepared for it. Perhaps my all words are sounds like philosophy and not something new that you are reading but life is a horse of race that only knows running and it has not time to focus on what happening around. We all are running after our need and passion and the run will also end at the end of our energy and life. Our problems take rest sometimes but it only end with the end of our life and existence.

Like the dialogue of dramas or a speech of motivator I can say, don't focus on your problems in your life, everything will be alright soon, don't worry, be happy and so on and on but saying anything is easy but feel or suffer the same problems and issues is not that easy. But still many people appreciate when we say some positive and motivational words to them but it should work too. If I'm hurt and someone whom I don't know personally came to me to motivate me through his/her words it has low chances that will work for me but when someone I love and know personally as my friend come to me to motivate me then it should work as ointment on my wound of heart.

Sometimes we say and believe that "sorry" can't fix everything but sometimes a small word "sorry" can fix a good bonding between or among people. Many people doesn't help you for a small "Thank You" but for many a simple "Thank you" with smile means a lot. We can ignore problems in life and can't escape from it all the time so fight and face the problem until you get a solution or until the rest of your life. This is something that end for temporarily and come back in a new form. I may say "Be brave to deal with problems" but at the same time I know its not easy for all the people in this world.

When we overcome a problem there one new one appear and it will end only when we will rest in peace. Either we can accept it, fight for the solution or give up but we can't be safe from it forever before the death. Am I talking insane? I think I'm talking about the reality that you also agree with my words more or less.

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