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Invest On Yourself First And Discover The Better You

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Was thinking about invest and the title came to my mind. This article idea and random thoughts came out from a head with the pain of migraine. Since last night suffering from it and when having apple and orange the thought came to my mind. And its related to each other. See I buy my own foods and almost all my necessities bought by me so this is a kind of investment that I do for my well being.

What is this world for when you are not in it? So your well being come first. First of all we should avoid things bring panic attack, anxiety, frustration and other unexpected things like my migraine right now. Many people invest on business, invest in crypto and expect only profit and hardly can accept lose as a result get frustrated. So invest on business and assets as much you can afford to lose. Sometimes we get greedy (very common human nature) and invest all our capital to earn big but its not wise.

Let's talk about the main theme of this article. So how we invest on ourselves? Very simple. Our priority should be our wellness. See I'm resting on bed and writing. I will open my laptop when I'll feel better so I'm investing time on my rest for my well being, when I'll be fine I'll be able to perform good to my work. So my wellness is my priority now. So this way we can invest time on our wellness.

Many parents can't afford to invest more money for children's education and when they grow up they regret but this is not wise. Its okay if parents did their job as much they could afford after growing up its our responsibility to earn and invest on our education. This is easy to say but maybe not that easy to everyone but I made it easy for me. I was a graduate student who bear her all educational expenses by teaching students of school.

Those days were hard, as a student cum teacher earned a little money because other institution teachers were high demand and we students were able to find some tuition. Those hard days bring good days and today I'm a post graduate and do my job online with freedom and comfort. Ofcourse my gratitude to crypto currency that made it easy so far. I did offline jobs too but honestly I do not prefer having boss. So today's me is not a result of over night, I have faced the reality of life and life having less money and adjusting on everything. No regret even I feel proud that I bear my graduation and post graduation expenses and didn’t take any financial support from anyone. All thanks to Almighty Allah to made it easy for me so far.

Maybe I couldn’t discover the best me, but at least I can say proudly that I discovered the better me. So investing oneself brings self satisfaction and self respect too that make me feel really very good and proud. So I suggest my friends the same thing. Your parents may alive to support you but you let them allow you to be something or to do something of your own. I had parents and relatives to support but I prefer choosing to be self dependent and finally I did it. The journey at the beginning was not that easy but as I said Almighty Allah made it easy for me as time goes. So today's me is a better me who is having a better life 😇

So one more time let me tell you: Invest on yourself first and discover the better you. This world is too busy to take care of you so take care of yourself at first.

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