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How Good Or Bad Emotion Controller You Are?


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When you smile to others, they smile back. This is human nature that we prefer to give back more or less or as much we can afford. We are not enough kind that if someone slap us, we going to smile back even if we do so they'll laugh at us considering us crazy or mad. Its hard to smile back to a slapper and mostly we wish to slap back hard.

Very common human nature that as you treat me, I'll treat you same. But exception also found like we always can't love back the person loves us. We can't leave the person who hurts us and these are exception. Many housewives wish to divorce her husband but sake of her kids she doesn’t take such decision but she treated bad by her husband and she can't treat as she is treated.

A smile cost nothing so when we meet our neighbors and friends can smile to them and they'll surely smile back. If they don't smile back there could be valid reasons like his/her problems in life, his/her mood swing and so on but this is rare that when you smile to others they won't smile back.

In professional terms, we need to keep aside our problems in life when we attending our working place. Just forget about life problems and smile to customers or clients you have at your working place. Your personal problems can't affect your professional life. For example, you’ve argument with family and you cried a lot and went to the office. Just wipe out your tears, bring smile on your face even the smile will be fake one but you have to smile sake of your career.

No one cares what you are going through in your personal life so better hide your pain and focus on work. Sometimes working environment helps to forget life problems at least for a while. Some customers or clients may convinced to by product or finale the deal just because of your friendly treatment with a smile. So, people who can hide sorrows and keep personal problems hidden can hold a good name in their profession.

So easy to say that hide tears, sorrows and personal problems. Just think how hard it is for emotional people. Playing with emotion is not always that easy. You can't change expression instantly like when you are crying, you can smile but your eyes will say that you are crying and your smile is fake. Tears will be the witness of your bad mood and unknown people never going to show concern for your tears so better we can hide it.

Actually I believe, people who have control to their emotions, can climbed Mount Everest. For over emotional people its hard to hide or control emotions and change expressions in a second. And I appreciate good controllers of emotion.

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