Hard Work Or Smart Work?

Just some old memories recalled and random thoughts gathering in my mind. Today's me not a result of overnight, it took time to grow up and being able to think or decide the good for oneself. In my childhood I always care about people who talk behind my back and when I grew older, I realized, what a fool I was! We can't please everyone around us and its not our duty too. I always understand everything in slow motion as a result I lost some time from my life that can be useful.

Anyway let's focus on the topic of my discussion today. Once I worked really hard and that made me today's me. Maybe I'm not successful but I'm satisfied what is more than success to me. In my school life and College life I was serious about study but my result was good not the best. English was my favorite subject to study and I often study English or practice it in off classes.

My interest to English was not encouraged enough even when I tried to talk English like English, my so call own people make fun of that and my heart was soft which broke so easily and I get upset and discouraged really very easily. I was not smart worker but I was hardworking and that will be always my satisfaction. I also suffered from comparison. He/she (mostly siblings) can do it, why you can't be like him/her? Why I should be like others? I'm me and I've no need to be like others. I know I'm good then why I need to be like others specially like those who Just pretending to be good but actually not.

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Once my life was full of struggle, I was a graduate student and also a tuition teacher. I earned a little amount that can cover my educational expenses so far. I've never wasted money by purchasing things for showing off others that I can afford desired products. Once my sibling said to me that her brother earn more money than I earn, she was comparing me with her brother. It hurts but I just forgive people but can't forget. So that comparison will be unforgettable to me.

Smart work is good when you are honest and it doesn’t prove itself harmful to others even after doing hard work for several years I also become able to work smart and self dependent. I'm not discouraging smart work which follows the right way. But when people make more money smartly by cheating others is not smart work at all. Its corruption and earning money in a corrupt way is a crime.

I'm glad that English was my favorite subject in school and college because today if I can write, talk or communicate others in English just because of my interest to it and still learning because as a second language English is not easy to adopt fast for everyone. But regular practice will surely help. When you are truly educated, you’ve no need to look behind for any kind of help, your education will be the torch to show you the right path even in dark roads.

So, keep doing hard work and do smart work but never be dishonest and that's the theory I follow to lead my life. Our smart efforts should be honest and clear, not harmful to others.

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