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Even Our Enemies Can Makes Us A Better Person


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Very positive realization that our enemies can help us to be a better person and this is not something impossible. Enemies always aim to harm us and find a chance. When they get a chance they must take the advantage of it. For a specific time it hurts when enemies attack on us but later it help us to learn a lesson and we become more careful for future.

For example I want to share my story. Recently one of my enemy stole my money and I can't blame him because I was careless and not enough serious about my keys. As a result the enemy get the chance to hit me. It hurts me but at the same time it taught me that we should be careful about our keys and asset that we saved in a secured place. Enemies aim to hurt us and we can be a better person for the future.

This is my positive perspective to enemy attacks and I've experienced it many times in my life. I found open enemies and they tried to harm me in many ways. Some of them came to me as friend and later with the time they start showing their true color. Most of them became my enemy behind my back and spreads my weakness to others that others can bully me, insult me and take advantage of that weak point.

When enemies pretend to be a best friend and you shared almost all the secret with them, you just get into the trap. Later that pretending best friend share your all secret to others and you learn the lesson that your secrets are very confidential and you can't share it with everyone even they can be closer to you. Take time to trust someone and my enemies taught me that too.

It was not easy for me to forgive those culprits who became my enemy behind my back. It hurt me a lot that I considered them my best friend and open up my all secrets. But later I bring some positive change in my personality and become reserved when necessary. I stop sharing my life problems with anyone whoever became my friend later.

We shouldn’t trust so fast, we should take time and if we trust someone then take time to know that how much the person can keep things secret and respect our feelings. Its our fault that we give chance to random people to play with our feelings and later only some regret left but the positive side having enemies is that we can try for bringing more improvements and luckily become success too.

Enemies get jealous with our success and that's the best revenge Once I had enemy that shut down a door of opportunity for me. As a result I start working for 10 more opportunities to bring success and that was the best revenge from my side. The one door of opportunity was shut down but later 10 doors of opportunity was open for me to welcome me. This way I become the better and my enemy was fail. So find the good thing on bad things and that's the positive attitude to our life.

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