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After Spending A Restless Day, Its A Peaceful Night


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Who doesn’t want peace? We all want more or less. It was a exhausted Friday today. Finally I'm done changing hostel. All elements were shifted by myself without any help of others. My baggage, luggage everything were handled by myself. But just once I called for a rickshaw to carry some of my heavy bags. It was just once. Didn't skipped any task except writing new blogs, so here I come before sleeping submitting my writing. New environment, new people and having new experiences too.

My roommate is junior to me almost six years and she thought that I'm her same age and she is treating me like same age friend not as a senior. She tried a lot to know about my real age but I didn’t shared yet and trying to hide it from her. She is friendly but not sure about her nature yet. And we can't judge a person in a day. Just wish to have a good one that I can live here with peace. I'm a peace lover and last hostel left because there my peace were spoiled by some people around me.

Sometimes we need no help just good behavior of others win our heart. So I just hope to have such kind of good people around me. It wouldn’t be possible all the time because we all are combined with good and bad qualities. We need to have enough patience to deal with the bad side of a human being. Its a matter of practice to hold our peace. Anyway, my new roommate seems good and old one called me over phone and ask for pardon if she did anything wrong. But she was my good roommate in my previous hostel. She told that she was very upset when she was thinking about my leave. Her face was telling her feeling. She missed me and she called me in my cell phone.

Ahh finally its a cool and peaceful night to sleep. I slept writing this article and when woke up its already 2:40 am. I slept writing because I was damn tired. I was restless. New room and roommate so also spent time with her as my first day here. We talked for a long time to know each other well. She is a service holder and Friday is her off day. Hope we going to build a peaceful environment together. Right now I've allergic attack and my skin suffering from each and burn. Wish to be all right in the morning.

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