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A Giver Never Can Be A Loser

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Today's random thought is about giving as the season is giving almost going to be end. There is no specific time for giving but mostly we prefer giving on some special occasion. Its Ramadan Karim for we Muslims and we consider this season as the best time for giving so I said its going to be almost end for us. But not yet end. It may sounds bitter that we hardly make others happy by giving but we shouldn’t be discouraged because giver never can be a loser. Either a giver get self satisfaction or get honor from Almighty.

Ramadan Karim reminds us the significance of giving and that's the reason we can consider this month as the season of giving. When we give to please others, it can hurt us because few people’s need knows no bound so its hard for you and me to satisfy them. So our aim should be to please Almighty Allah who is the real giver and never stop giving us. So our aim should be to please Almighty by giving and helping other people.

This is a personal experience that giving others bring real satisfaction in my soul that I can't purchase from the market. Having a satisfied soul is like having a heaven in life. If you are a believer than you surely knows that how it feels like when we give others and help others sake of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah never judge that how big or small we give, as much we can afford to give, we should give and this way we please our Almighty Allah.

Only few days to go and Ramadan will end. So my thoughts are mostly all about it. How much I satisfy my Almighty is my priority, I couldn’t afford to pray more and give more but I tried as much I can afford or honestly, less than I can afford. Sometimes I feel like I'm choosing the wrong place to give and this way I stop myself and become very selective to give and I think this is not that bad. Sometimes we give those who has big expectation and when you can't reach their expectations they start make you feel down which sometimes cause of being demotivated to give but if we think wisely we never get demotivated and when our aim to satisfy Almighty Allah.

A giver is always a gainer and a gainer from Almighty God Allah is always a winner. So if we want to win, we never should be demotivated for giving. When we give something good to others, Almighty Allah gives us something better though having such expectations is not good because our giving should be selfless and when its unconditional we feel the real satisfaction. A real believer of Islam can feel it and when we have wisdom we never stop ourselves for giving others. It brings honor and love. Giving good things make relationship stronger amongst people. That I've already experienced. So keep continue giving and never regret if you’ve never get a good return from your giving's. Keep pleasing Almighty and your life will be more than awesome.

Choose the season you prefer to give and keep it up.

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